Triangular-Shaped Dotted Scars

11391280_10204699520151819_2483424815205658567_n - CopyThere’s a lot of mysteries in this world that no one can ever deny the fact that sometimes in our life we’d be on a situation that is completely bizarre.

The endless speculations of extraterrestrial life, entities other than humans, ghosts, spirits, demons, monsters, and the lost civilizations believed to have existed looooooooooong time ago. We have all that. Maybe it’s true or maybe not or just a conspiracy to deceive us.

However, I have my own experiences of strikingly out of the ordinary. For instance, my triangular-shape-dotted-scars. I made a research about it and to my surprise it wasn’t just me who had this unique scar. I may be harsh to myself or risk my well-being for something that I eagerly want and I’ve been to my deepest sorrow and was depressed  but not to the point that I’d made self-inflicted wounds (I’m planning to have tattoos, does it count to be self-inflecting?). Anyways, these scars I had was something I can’t completely recall how it occurred, perhaps, it was one night when I suddenly woke up and felt something itchy on my forearm.

The story was…

One night, I was in my room, sleeping. I don’t know what it was when I felt an itchy sensation on my left forearm, it woke me up. But I was so dead tired I just shook off my forearm thinking it might be a cockroach or whatever insect. My bed isn’t elevated but more of like the Japanese style, you know? The one that lay flat on the floor then can be keep aside when not in use. My room is kinda small and I got lots of stuff so maybe having a bed like that saves space but at the same time vulnerable to creepy-crawly. So, there.

It took me a while, a week or so before I noticed reddish dots on my forearm. There’s no wound and it doesn’t bother me at all as I don’t feel anything. The reddish dots were like bites from an Anopheles mosquito but the size of a pinhead. I don’t know how long it took before I noticed the scars again, I can’t even remember what year it happened, 2009 maybe? All these because, for me, it was nothing. Until there’s something peculiar about it, the dotted scars are forming an almost equilateral triangle. It scares the hell out of me though I’m used to the horrors in my room but this one.

I did a research on the internet and landed on Mike Clelland’s blogspot account (here). Upon reading the related article and the comments of his readers, I started to get more scared about it. I’m not the only person who had these scars and their stories are a bit similar to mine. Alien abduction might be on the picture or maybe insects are starting to get more artistic when they bite.

While the symbolism interpretation of a triangular shape varies from good fortune; such as being versatile to which it captures themes of magic, wonder and creativity (sounds like a relief). To the demonic related implications; such as Illuminati, all seeing eye, Bermuda triangle, and other Egyptian thingy.

Well, whatever it is or it was, it’ll remain inexplicable during my life time. I don’t want to overthink and go further to look for answers, since answers are just a mere description to the things we’re supposed to describe. So, yes, it’ll be no.

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