“Treat Yourself Right”

There is no such thing as a healthy time alone when someone you’re trying to forget goes with you, in mind, heart and spirit. If you can not separate yourself ever from that someone, then better just deal with it and forget anything about “forgetting”. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, a lot of it and sometimes even a lifetime to actually forget someone. Because when you loved truly, like gave it all, nothing is left but pieces of your broken heart and, YOU. But you cannot just hand your broken heart and let someone else fix it. No. Before someone else fixes your broken heart, you have to fix it first for you.

Running away is not a good idea, not when your heartache needs “first aid treatment”. You need to be there for yourself, need to get up, need to get your heart back into rhythm again and, breathe. Just breathe. It is way much better than forgetting.

If you really want to forget, you have to remind yourself a million times, that you don’t deserve someone who forgot about you. And to appreciate a healthy time alone, the one that should be spending more time with is, YOU, yourself.

So relax and let time do its job for you. Because forcing yourself to forget someone who’s the reason why you’re heartbroken is like going into a battlefield without shield; you’ll only end up dead.

So never abandon time’s purpose and yours. Accommodate it like an old friend. You are here on Earth to matter and not be annihilated by bad circumstances. Remember, you know yourself better than they do.

Treat yourself like a Princess. Go for a vacation. Sail by. Don’t bring anyone that you think would only be a nuisance, a conflict, and a threat to the purpose you are setting on. You don’t need friction when on vacation. All you need is time and space, not because you want to exist but because you know that God sees you as you are, without question, without doubt.

Let this be your daily affirmation when you check time by your watch.

God is watching you, too. And you are loved! Don’t ever  forget that! 🙂

P.S. Let’s all look forward to a happy Summer vacation!

(Photos: Budyong Beach, Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island, PH)

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