Tough Love

Photo by Yevy Photography (Flickr)

It was a cold September night, the tranquil evening doesn’t help in calming the perturbed soul of Ericka. For a month now, her doting husband had been coming home late consumed by alcohol and other substances she could only guess. She can’t blame him. It’s been a year since the inhumane crime happened to their only daughter.

It was an excruciating sight.  Clothes thorn, naked body bared, hands and feet tied, blood splattered all over and skull that is almost split into half. An innocent girl was abused and killed mercilessly. It was a pure act of evil, and their suspected evil was Mike, the diligent suitor of Grace.

Investigations were conducted and cases had been filed. After a year, no significant progress has been made. Their finances and peace of mind are dwindling. It was further aggravated when last month, Mike was reported missing. This is a worse state for the 2 month pregnant Ericka. She openly expressed her dismay while Rick turn to alcohol as respite.

“Where have you been?!?” hollered Ericka when her drunk husband came home past midnight.

“Just outside…” his slurred answer before turning back to her.  “And why are you still awake? Did you not know that is bad for our baby?”

She was speechless as he smirks back.

“…Thank God, I’m responsible to ensure that our baby will not suffer the same fate as Grace.”

“What do you mean?” Ericka has been hearing that statement since last month.

Bright-eyed Rick got from his pocket an ID bearing the name Mike Rodriguez. “I made sure he’s gone.”

She was appalled. Happy memories of Grace to the horrors of the rape came rushing in. She quietly weeps as she assists his husband to sleep.

When everything was settled, she called the police and turned him in.



Photo by Yevy Photography

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