TOTGA (The One That Got Away)

I wrote a book, a book worth all the read….every chapter and every turned page.. a true happy book indeed.

Its tittle is catchy and cringy the same time as it sound, you might even ask me what the hell was I thinking….or was I just being profound?

TOTGA was the title if should you ask of the book. It’s a story of two friends turned lovers; a simple short story and so anyone can look. The book was my life’s work, my time in the Middle East, for every page was all about you and me, the life, the works…every day was like a feast.

Like any other story we started everything as friends; friendship that we thought and knew from the beginning, a friendship that will never end. We started off as bullshitting for bullshitting was our base, a start of new friendship turned lover. Is there such a case?

One of us fell in love with the other while the other one I don’t know.Is there something fishy I always asked coz it always shows, then friendship blossomed and the other love turned true. Everyday was a battle, but the battle was against me and you..

And as time goes by our present became our past, with every tear I shed for you, every time and effort, everything I thought that would last…. a page worth turning for every lessons learned, despite everything….and despite a love I guess with small return.

We decided to part our ways, work a new path, a title and new tasks for us to complete, deadlines and schedules bro..multi tasking was really our feat, with all the works, responsibilities and task given to us to endure..neither one of us said HI nor HELLO how was your day…hmm I’m not even sure…months turned years and friends became strangers. I guess that was the plan and what needed that huh….that’s our game changer.

I know, I know what you’re thinking. It’s sad but true and guess what… we both chose this path…..WE BOTH CHOSE.. both me and you, now I believe that not all stories come with a happy ending and I guess not everyone deserves a new beginning. But you were my happy, you were my world, you were my heartbeat and you were my everything I thought I deserved….

As I come to the final chapter of the book, the last page to be precise, I bid you my last sendoff… last goodbye, for one day we’ll meet again — this I promise you…. then we’ll start fresh, start over again…start with a simple…..HEY YOU…



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