Top Five reactions I get whenever I tell people I’m still single and I’m an NBSB

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Yes, I’m still single. Yes, I’m happy. How many times must I say it?

A post that has been brewing for quite some time now. What’s wrong with being single that I get all these kind of reactions from people? Here are the top five most-ugh-annoying-reactions I get whenever I tell people I’m still single and I’ve never had a boyfriend.

# 5: “Weh! Sino niloloko mo?”

Nope, wala akong kahit sinong “niloloko” in every sense of that word and nope, I don’t want to fool around with men, in the same way that I don’t want men to fool around with me.

# 4: “Talaga? Bakit?”

Talaga? Bakit kelangan itanong ‘to? I’ll just write another article to answer this question because my response might be a little bit too long. But I think my answer will go along the lines of:

“…I plan to get married before I turn thirty (meaning: at twenty nine). If I live up to eighty, I will spend fifty years (again FIFTY YEARS) of my life together with this person, whoever he is. I just turned twenty two this year, so if I get married at twenty nine, then I only have approximately seven years, SEVEN FREAKIN’ YEARS DO PEOPLE EVEN REALIZE HOW SHORT SEVEN YEARS IS left in my life as a single person. I don’t intend to waste those seven precious years by jonesing over how my life could’ve been had I found him already and had I had him by my side now so that he could make my days colored with roses…” 

Something along those lines. Coming soon. Wait for it.

# 3: “Natiis mo yun?”

Well, yes. (I’ll end it here, this one’s not even worth an argument.)

# 2: “Kung wala kang boyfriend, anong ginagawa mo sa buhay mo?”

Oh my gosh, let me tell you of all these things called dreams, plans, and goals that I have in my life! If you don’t have time to read them, I won’t mind if you’ll skip this part. But just in case you want to know what a person like me is doing in her life that makes her so happy and so proud to be a single person, then by all means, read on!

I just graduated from college last year and I intend to really focus on my career right now so I can already help my family with our financial needs and concerns (eldest child alert with a father working abroad since she was in high school, a mother suffering from hypertension and two younger brothers who are still going to school).

After I help my younger brother graduate from college, I want to bring my family in this home I call Elbi so we can finally establish for ourselves a better life here, as a whole family. I don’t want my Tatay to go back to Saudi anymore! Life is too short, I want our family as one so we can live this life to the fullest! But first, I really have to do something with our finances, so that Tatay won’t have to go back to Saudi again, like ever!

Then, after helping my family, I plan to go to the nations. I want to contribute something to the nations of the world that will make an impact. I want my own imprint on history. But this one deserves another article so I’ll end this part right here.

And then there’s New York–oh, my New York dreams! Three years of my life I’ll be allotting for taking a Master’s degree in New York University! Under the MA in Graduate Acting program. Oh yeah!

But right now, I’m preparing myself (and saving, like seriously) for all these plans. I have lots of commitments and so many things going on in my life at the moment. I have my very pretty LGmates (LG as in LifeGroup, like a Bible study group, except way much cooler!). I have the worship team. I have my leadership positions. I have my new job as an early childhood educator. I have this vision of touching women’s lives. I have this passion for theatre that always burns. I have all these places that I want to go to. I have all these plans that I want to accomplish, goals that I want to reach, and dreams that I want to realize. Oh, so, many, things!

Anyways, what were they saying again? Ano raw ginagawa ko sa buhay ko?

# 1: “Yang ganda mong yan, wala ka pa nagiging boyfriend?”

Aww…let me take that one as a compliment, thank you!

Single and proud I tell you. Cheers to singlehood! To life!


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She is Roxanne Flores, 22 years old, a BA Communication Arts graduate in the University of the Philippines Los Banos. She's made up of flowers, pastel colors, chocolates, books, worship music, vintage prints, theatre arts, New York dreams, royal Esther robes, and a great destiny to fulfill. Journals are her favorite things, cats are her greatest enemies. She's not so bad at singing, not so good at trying-to-remember-where-did-she-last-put-that-thing, learning when it comes to cooking, hopeless when it comes to y(x) – ¸Z 10µ1t – x–1x + t – 2xt¶y(t) dt = f(x), 0 < x < 1. She's a Royal Daughter of the living God, singing for Him, dancing for Him, writing for Him, living for Him, doing it all for Him! And if you ask her why, she will answer with "well, why not?" And that's all she has to say. For now.