Top 20 Craziest Pinoy Tabloid Headlines Ever!

No matter how serious a news story is, I just can’t help but laugh every time Tagalog tabloids put a different twist on it. Call it tabloid journalism, cheap writing, or crazy form of sensationalism, but their news headlines will really make you stop and even tickle your imagination in ways you’ve never imagined before. Perhaps that is their own marketing strategy to increase their daily sales but there is no doubt that some of the headlines they have featured over the years can be considered unforgettable as far as the unusual humor they bring is concerned. We are so intrigued with sensationalized stories that we sometimes find ourselves curious enough to read tabloid news headlines like this:

Or exaggerated news titles like this one:


But you know what’s frustrating about them? Well, it’s the fact that these headlines contain somewhat misleading information and its only when you read the whole content that you realize its not at all thrilling and exciting. Anyhow, since these tabloids have been part of Philippine culture, I have searched for the top 20 craziest (and of course, funniest) Pinoy tabloid headlines ever released from the printing press. Just so you know, they are actual news stories and not just a mere product of my feeble imagination. So, without further ado, here they are:

(In random order)



2. “Scuba diver instructor, nilunod ni kumare!”

3. “Yaya, niyari ni kuya!”

4.(Actual headline when a famous Filipino actor died from a road mishap)  “Jay Ilagan,  hindi naka ilag!”

5. “Lola tinurbo ng apo!”

6. “Buntis na asawa ng photographer, nakunan!”

7. “”Titser na nakasuhan, tinuruan ng leksyon!”

8. “Tindera Ng Suka, Tinoyo!”

9.  “Blood Bank: Hinoldap Ng Dugo-Dugo Gang!”

10 “Baklang Umawat Sa Away Ng Mga Pogi, Napasubo!”

11. “Unanong Nanalo Ng Lotto, Nagmalaki!”

12. “Bulag Na Nag-Amok, Nagdilim Ang Paningin!”

13. “Buntis Sinaksak, Sanggol Naka-Ilag!”

14.  “Tahanang Walang Hagdan, Inakyat!”

15.  “Kaso Ng Basurero, Binasura Ng Korte!”

16. (Actual headline when La Salle lost last year to Ateneo) “Taft Bumaha…Ng Luha!”

17.  “Bgy. Mataas Na Lupa, Binaha!”

18. “Pilay, Tinakbuhan Ang Utang!”

19.  “Labanderang Palpak, Sinabon Ng Amo!”

20.  (About the midget actor saying an expletive on live TV) “Mahal, Nagmura!”

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