Top 10 Unforgettable “Other Woman” Quotes From Filipino Movies

She’s one of every housewife’s greatest nightmares and every husband’s greatest temptations. We have called her names that have created negative connotations within our conservative culture: kerida, kabit, mistress, the other woman, the third wheel, eskabeche, kabechina. She has different names revolving around a single theme and that is infidelity. And no matter how we justify this unconventional relationship, loving the wrong person at the wrong place and at the wrong time is just unbecoming for any morally upright person. In other words, the ends will never justify the means.

But why in the world am I talking about “the other woman” days before the Valentines Day? Just so you know, I’m not here to spoil your romantic ideologies. As a matter of fact, tackling the issues about infidelity is a perfect way to develop a stronghold in every relationship. We’ve seen a lot of them in real life and have learned from them that open communication, ample time and respect for our special someone are the keys for a healthier married life. Also, we must not deny the fact that in the Philippine society, “kerida” issues are so commonplace that the local movie industry  has captured this theme to develop a bittersweet masterpiece. Movies of this kind have become blockbuster hits because Filipino people are always searching for a story that they can relate with either as the husband, the legal wife, or the “other woman”. Here are some of the 10 unforgettable movie lines about the “other woman” captured in Philippine movies:

No Other Woman (2011)

With a total gross of 278 million, No Other Woman has successfully proved that it is not just another overnight movie hit. It has also immortalized some of the most unforgettable movie lines in Philippine cinematic history, proving the ingenuity and creativity of the writers behind this romance-drama movie. Although the story is a bit predictable, the performance of the lead casts and the uniqueness of the movie lines have made No Other Woman deserving of its throne.

1. “Ang mundo ay isang malaking Quiapo. Maraming snatcher, maaagawan ka. Lumaban ka!” – Carmi Martin

2. “You can call me anything you want: a snake, a bitch, an other woman. But I will never be a pathetic, boring housewife.” – Anne Curtis

3. “Alam mo kasi ang marriage parang exclusive village. Kailangan mong bantayan para hindi makapasok ang mga squatters. “ – Christine Reyes

A Love Story (2007)

What would you do if you met the woman of your dreams and wanted to make her your wife after you’ve married someone else? -This question summarizes the intricacies of love portrayed in this 2007 romance-drama movie. Starring Aga Mulach, Angelica Panganiban and Maricel Soriano, this movie is the story of a man torn between two equally attractive women and is forced to make a life-changing choice. This complicated romantic story teaches us important things about life, love, adultery and most importantly, destiny.

4. “Hindi mo sya kailangan . . . kailangan ko sya . . ” – Angelica Panganiban

5. “Ayaw ko na nang may kahati ako kaya hindi na kita puwedeng mahalin.” – Maricel Soriano

6. “Buong buhay ko, pakiramdam ko magisa ako…but not with her..nandyan siya sa lahat..she believes in me..she sees good in me na kahit ako hindi ko makita…” – Aga Mulach

Nagalit ang Buwan sa Haba ng Gabi (1983)

Danny Zialcita is a notable 80’s movie director known for eye-catchy movie titles like Nagalit ang Buwan sa Haba ng Gabi starring Gloria Diaz, Dindo Fernando and Laurice Guillen. This movie became the stage where Laurice Guillen gave one of her most unforgettable performances and of course, movie lines in Philippine movie history.

7. “Ikaw pala. Ikaw pala ang sinasabi ng asawa ko na asawa mo na asawa ng bayan!” – Laurice Guillen

Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin (1993)

This 1993 movie’s tagline says it all: It’s harder to forgive a friend than an enemy. The realization that your husband is having an affair with another woman is heartbreaking already but discovering that  the “other woman” is your own best friend who you have trusted for years makes the story all the more complicated.

8. Maricel: “May relasyon ba kayo ng asawa ko?”

Zsazsa: “Relasyon?”

Maricel: “Relasyon. Querida, Kabit, No. 2, Mistress… relasyon.”

Zsazsa: “Terry…”

Maricel: “Wag mo akong ma-Terry, Terry. Iyong tanong ko ang sagutin mo. Are you f—ing my husband?”

Zsazsa: “Minsan!”

Asawa Ko Huwag Mong Agawin (1986)

You can never go wrong if you choose a Vilma Santos film and if you want a story that gives a different twist to the “other woman” issue, then Asawa Ko Huwag Mong Agawin might give you the satisfaction you are aiming for. It shows two women in their usual roles and stereotypes: the other woman who knows all about pleasure and the wife who knows all about pain.

9. “Remember this, no woman can seduce a happy husband. Kung hindi mo pa rin maintindihan, bakit hindi sarili mo ang sampalin mo, baka sakaling matauhan ka!” -Vilma Santos

Minsan Minahal Kita (2003)

If you’re looking for an infidelity-themed movie that has an intense confrontational scene between the wife and the “other woman”, then you better choose a movie other than this one. But if you’re looking for a movie line that will give you fresh new ideas about infidelity and our society’s existing double standard, then this one’s for you. It doesn’t have the feisty Anne Curtis just like what they have in No Other Woman but Sharon Cuneta wrapped it all up with an unforgettable movie line that will definitely make us all think.

10 “Unfair noh, kapag lalaki ang nangaliwa tanggap lahat ng tao, pero kapag babae, makasalanan siya. Come to think of it meron ka na bang narinig na lalakeng tinawag na home wrecker o kaya eh kabet” – Sharon Cuneta

Although Valentines day is all about lovers, let us all admit the fact that home wreckers are always in full alert to ruin what you have built for years. Love is a lifetime commitment so if you’re not ready to offer your love to a single person and not strong  enough to resist the temptations that are normal challenges in every married life, then you still have a plenty of time to think before you say “I DO”. Those “keridas” that we always hate are not just there to simply ruin our lives; they also want to teach us lessons about life and love. You won’t stop loving someone just because you already have kids or both of you are so busy attending personal matters. Keep the fire burning and celebrate Valentines day everyday. Before you know it, the “other woman”  will never even bother to ride the third wheel.

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