Top 10 Most Memorable Lines From Filipino TV Commercials

Let’s take a walk down memory lane as we revisit my own version of the top 10 most memorable lines from Pinoy TV commercials.

      Most people look at TV commercials either as a pain in the ass or something that gives them time to do something else aside from watching their favorite TV shows. For some skeptical minds, this is a chance to judge which TV ad is in and which is out; which is stupid and which is attention-grabbing. However, for advertisers, a TV commercial is something that will make or break a certain product; the more effective a TV commercial is, the bigger the profit they are going to get. But what is the secret formula for an effective TV ad? Is it sheer advertising strategy? How about luck? Or is it both? Well, all I can say is that I’m not an advertising magnate to tell you that. Nonetheless, we have witnessed a lot of TV commercials over the years which can be perfect examples of how a hit TV commercial should be done. As a matter of fact, some of them are just so memorable that we can’t help but to sing or relive famous lines every time these commercials tickle some parts of our memory boxes. In addition to that, they also help us to reminisce our good old times – -our lost childhood or some special events buried on our past. Are  you ready? Here they are:

1. Seiko Wallet –

Seiko, Seiko Wallet!
Ang wallet na maswerte!
Balat nito ay DYINYUWAYN!
International pa ang mga design.
Ang wallet na maswerte.
Seiko, Seiko Wallet!
Seiko, Seiko Wallet!

Seiko Wallet, ang wallet na maswerte!

2. Milo Energy Drink

 Great things start from small beginnings.

Growing up, reach early for your dreams.

Face the day. It’s a new challenge.

A chance to be better.

A chance to become your dreams.

Growing up with Olympic Energy.

Growing up, with Milo!

Milo everyday!

3. Family Rubbing Alcohol

“Hindi lang pang pamilya, pang Sports pa!”

4. Dragon Katol

Girl: Dameyng lamowk!

Cowboy: Teypowk seyla ngayown. Sa Dragon Katol.

Dragon Katol! Dragon khung umusowk. Lamowk, sehguradowng teypok!

5. Mc Donalds

LOLO: (playing with something………….)

KAREN: Eto na lo….

LOLO: O, s’an ka ba galing, GINA?

KAREN: Lo, Karen po!

LOLO: Antagal-tagal na kasi nating hindi nagkikita, GINA

KAREN: (sad face…… )

LOLO: O sigeh kain na GINA

KAREN: (almost pissed-off) Karen po!

LOLO: (dividing the quarter pounder w/cheese sandwich into two, then wrapping the first half) PARA SA PABORITO KONG APO, si KAREN……

KAREN: (smiling………..)


Christian Vasquez: Hello Dad.
Dad: Hello! Oh Vic kumusta?
Christian Vasquez: Maayo man. Dad, may sabihin ako sa imo importante.
Dad: May problema ka?
Christian Vasquez: Dad, magshift nako sa Fine Arts
Dad: Bakit?
Christian Vasquez: Hindi ko hilig ang magdoktor…..Sana maintindihan mo.
Dad: Kung saan ka masaya ti, suportahan taka.

7. Coca Cola (Cokebeat commercial)

Ito ang beat sabay sabay
Ito ang beat bawal sablay
Pabilis ng pabilis
Wag ma-mimiss
Wag ma-mimiss
Gets ko na
Gets mo na
Coke ‘ko to! 4x

8. Sprite


9. Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog

“He loves me..he loves me not…he loves me…he loves me not….HE LOVES ME!

10. BEAM Toothpaste

B-E-A-M means “Smile!”
Smile kami pag Beam.
Beam na Beam, ngipin ay protektado
Panalo sa presyo. Panalo pag Beam!

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