“Too Much”

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Too much of her love becomes too much of his abuse. Relationships are not supposed to be dealt this way: one side squeezing too much of her patience, tolerance on the maximum level just to save what she believes is worth it, while the other side is enjoying too much of his freedom, dancing with the beat of his own selfishness, breaking her heart…

Sometimes, too much is just TOO MUCH. To tie your heart to such a martyrdom would be heroic, but will that make you very happy? (or just him?) Can you still spell “happiness” after being tangled into his own mess, with someone else and not yours?

EAT YOUR OWN MESS but I wanna stay vain and sane and honest and true. If I can’t be totally happy with you then why stick with you? If I don’t deserve YOU then maybe I deserve ME. If I have loved you too much then why spare little for myself when it’s never going to be enough?

‘Cause enough is to see me walk away. And whether your shadow follows, then go.

I’m not looking back anymore.

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"Too Much"