To the Person Who Took Her for Granted

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Dear you,

It might not be your loss for now but it is going to be her gain in the future.

It might be hurting her like a knife, chopping her heart into pieces now, but God knows it won’t last. She endured it all with the hope that something might work out.

She laid out all her cards hoping she might win. She gambled but she ended up losing herself. She did not lose without a fight, she gave up because it is not worth it to fight anymore.

You took her for granted and she settled for less.

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She knows she doesn’t deserve all the disappointments and pain yet she chose to stay. She chose her heart even if it kills her little by little inside. She ignored her mind that’s repeatingly telling her to give up, to let it go. She chose the love that she knows she will never get back whole in return.

Her soft heart got wounded, bled and chopped into pieces yet you still see her smile without any bit of sadness and pain. That’s how strong she is.

But people get tired. There comes a point when you wake up one day and realize that you need to stop.

That girl realizes her worth a little bit late. Then sooner or later you’ll realize that you have given her every single reason to leave yet she stayed, … but not this time.

girl alone photo
Photo by Mitya Ku

She now knows how to choose herself above anybody else. She will let go of the burden she has been carrying all this time.

It is not because she has stopped loving you but because she has started to love herself again even more.

– emily

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