To the people wishing for an all-out war

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I am sharing my 2 cents with you, guys.

I also felt bad about our president not giving a tiny bit of his time to welcome the corpse of our heroes. No explanation will make up for the fact that he chose to follow his schedule and attend a car show or whatever the hell that is than to pay respect to the ones who sacrificed their lives for the peace of our country. But having said that, I sincerely agree with his decision to keep the peace between the MILF and the government.

Here’s the thing.. another war, another policeman or soldier to die onset of it. Even in movies, it’s nearly impossible for all the good men to live and kill all those bad guys. Wake up, guys. An all-out war means hundreds of our courageous soldiers will die as well. Not only that, we will be having a continuous bloodshed that will last for years. Do you want your future kids to experience the fear of having a war inside your own country?

Put yourselves in the shoes of our armies/policemen’s family. Launching a war means putting half of their bodies on their own graves. It means watching your father/brother/husband/son fight against the militants for the sake of the country with only 50% chance that he will come back alive. Sure, we have the upperhand. It is possible to kill and eliminate them all.. but before we do that, do you think those armed fighters won’t be able to kill anyone from our side? NO. they will kill hundreds of them before the war ends. And another wife/children/mother will suffer the loss. And you? You won’t be a affected at all. All you’re gonna do is post a heartfelt message on facebook about how you think they are saviors and how you felt bad about their death.

Think before you speak, people. It’s easy for you to ask for a war because you’re not gonna be a part of it. You’re not in Mindanao. You’re too far to be affected at all. You will continue living your life while another people’s loved ones will die.