To The One Who Took Me For Granted

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I am the exact opposite of your present boyfriend. I admit that he is more handsome than me. A clever guy who has almost everything that you never found in me. And I am happy for both of you.

But I can’t deny the fact that until now, I’m still a little bit affected each time I remember how you took me for granted. How you made my life almost miserable before. And how would I forget those days when I begged you to come back and almost ended up my life when you kept ignoring me? That was the most foolish thing I ever did in my entire life because of loving you more than myself.

A love that you never really appreciated!

But who am I to blame you? There are decisions in our lives that we can’t change anymore. Things that happened even if we didn’t want to; simply because that’s our fate. And my fate was to be taken for granted by someone like you.

Honestly, I did love you. I thought I was the luckiest guy when you became my girlfriend. You changed me into becoming a more mature version of myself and I learned a lot of good things when we were still together. You made me smile even with your simplest gestures and made me laugh even with your corny jokes.

Pero ganu’n talaga ang buhay…

We’re not really meant for each other. And though you badly hurt my feelings, I learned to forgive you. Since then, I learned to accept that we could no longer be lovers anymore.

Well, I am writing this letter for one reason…

Look at me now. Because of you, I became a better person and I thank you for all the lessons I learned from you — though you took me for granted.

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