To The Girl Who Was Broken and Can’t Move On Yet

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Let me tell you that what happened is just a lesson that you will appreciate later on. Don’t get stuck with the idea that losing him was the saddest experience you’ve ever felt. No. There is always a good reason why he was finally out of your life, and this reason might be something that helps you to become a better person someday. Reason that once you finally realize, it will surely change you into a mature woman who is now ready to face the next journey this life has to offer. So stop overthinking about your past with him. Stop crying over a wrong person, and stop acting as if your life has no direction anymore because he’s gone. You can still have a lot of time in this world to get a man who is better than your stupid ex.

So cheer up!

Now, you can say that because you still love your ex, it’s not yet easy to move on—to forget every detail of him that are still fresh in your mind. Yes, moving on is not the same like buying your fave accessories or clothes that you can get anytime you want. It is not as easy as falling in love with someone in a just a short span of time or achieving one of your greatest dreams or goals in life. I know that. But is it really hard to concentrate on the things that will help you forget your past, specially if your mind is trying so hard to control what your heart feels? Of course not!

As long as the point is there to change what you need to, the better you can think of letting go of your past. Just open your mind and don’t let your emotions put you in an even worse situation. You can move on. Trust your inner voice and try to focus on the bright side. If you can’t, no one can really help you but only yourself. So always be strong.

This is the right time to decide, and believe me, once you choose to step forward and forget all the memories of your past, you will reincarnate into someone who is far better than you were before. It’s a matter of loving yourself more than anyone in this world, too.

So girl, believe me, you are beautiful. You are different with an extra-ordinary abilities & uniqueness that stands out among others. So don’t pity yourself because you’re thinking that you’re not good enough for him that’s why he left you. Truth is, he is not good enough for you because you are destined to be with someone God had chosen for you. Just wait and believe that “Happy Endinag” do really exist!

Good luck and always be happy!

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