To the Butterfly in my Stomach

To the butterfly in my stomach since Early 2017,

Hi there, I’ve told you before that ever since I saw you,
I have this feeling that I should have to get to know more about you. I have
this sensation in my body that I’ve never felt for quite a time.
Then there comes the moment I’ve had a talked with you. I later knew
that you are in a relationship. So I make myself comfortable to the
fact that you are not welcoming me into your life more than just a
However, as time passed by, you and I have a great conversation,
which unluckily for me, I have fell in love with you even more.
The feeling that I wanted to be with you. The feeling that I wanted
to talk and chat with you all day long and even wanted to know you more.
I have given the opportunity to tell you that I love you
all this time, though I know it is impossible for you to welcome
me into your life. I took the gamble, whatever slim the chances I had.
We agreed to stay as friends, but deep inside of me, i wish
we could be more than that.
Remember the time when I told you that I love you? and you don’t
believe me? I wish I just had said that it was a joke, but, I haven’t.
The time I told you my greatest confession,that is a mistake I should have
never done. And when I told you I have no regrets of
confessing it to you. It was the greatest lie I have ever told.
I should have never confessed.
To tell you that I love you, gives me this moment that
i don’t want to live for. Slowly you are drifting away from me.
That very mistake, which I thought would make me closer to you,
makes you far away.
I am fine with those days, that I took a glimpse on you.
I have fun with those day, we’re talking about anything.
I have fun with those days, that you said I am making you smile.
I have fun with those days that you are innocent about my feelings for you.


If time could go back, I wish, I haven’t told you that I love you.

I wish I haven’t confessed my feelings for you. I wish we could
talk like what we’ve used to. Maybe if I haven’t told you I love you.
even for the slightest chance maybe you may have liken me,
just the way that I wanted too.

To the butterfly in my stomach since early 2017 whom I have told
“your nose is your asset”, You are
still making me feel that way even you are drifting away in mid 2017.

I hope, we will be given a chance to know each other more, at the right
time and at the right circumstance.

Thank you.

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