To that one-sided lover, this is for you

Image via Pixabay (sassint)

You gave it all. You’ve given too much to the person who never thought you’re more than enough.

You gave your precious time, your undivided attention, your all, yet in the end, for him you’re never going to be enough.

You are never going to be that person whom he will say you’re my everything. Because in reality no matter how hard you try, no matter how selfless you’ve shown that person, no matter if you made him on your toplist of priority, he will never appreciate that because he’s not the person you thought him to be for a long time.

You will keep hurting ’cause he was so used of you being there; he was so used of you choosing him, he knew you won’t let him down, and with that you end up being so lost.

You end up losing yourself while loving the wrong one and it’s not right.

Wake up.

For the first time, please choose yourself. Please don’t settle for less than what you deserved. Forget the notion that you will not find the same person because surely you’ll find better than him.

Bear in mind that with letting go comes a new hand to hold on to. But for now please choose happiness. Please make the decision to move separate way even if it kills you inside.

Take one little step to walk away until you can make a big leap to what you truly deserve. Please love yourself, it’s never too late.

Emily J.

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