I salute you my mother
for your passionate love and care
For the bestest things you have endured
For the heartaches and pains you’ve cured.

I thank you for everything my heroine
For the sleepless nights and immeasurable tears
For the brightest guidance in facing my fears
From the battles of life I destined to win.

I award you my successes and achievements
For the endless encouragement you’ve sent
For working all days and all nights long
For forgiving me whenever I do wrong.

I acknowledge you my lady of everything
For the sacrifices and concerns that are unending.
For patiently teaching me the values of life
For the  determination of solving the strife.

You are the greatest mother in the whole world,
For the goodness of life you show, give and hold.
I pray that God will bless you more
For I want you in my life forever more.

About leahcim_isaac

31 years old, poet, already written hundred of poems and other literary articles love reading editorials and commentaries; novels and poetry. fond of watching movies and reading informative researches on the internet.