“To Display or Not to Display that FR Flag on Facebook?”

Of course it is not already a secret that France has become one of the targets of blood baths recently. Many lives were killed in an instant. Bata man o matanda, marahil, ay hindi nakaligtas sa pangyayari.

Many nations expressed their grief and support for the family of the victims who were unfortunately killed and unknowingly involved in the carnage. The ruthless slaughter caused loss of lives and unfortunate demise of dozens of people.

Even Facebook gave its share of help. One of which is the feature to change your Profile Picture temporarily with FR flag.

This earned the social networking site, couples of commentaries and different opinions and reactions about the said feature. Many were not quite impressed. Many have expressed their disappointments.

Bakit ngayon lang nagkaganyan ng feature ang Facebook? Dahil ba sa Paris ang naapektuhan? How about the other nations and countries who had also been greatly affected by such terrorism attacks?

Is Facebook being insensitive? Is it because US has this kind of affiliation with FR kaya sila lang ang napiling suportahan nito? Hindi kaya nagiging sympathetically selective sila?

To be honest, I for that matter doesn’t even know the answer. Maybe it’s because the attacks had grown conspicuously this time. Maybe it’s also because of the reason that the things had already come to worst and that forced Facebook to simply create a feature to give every people a “wake-up call“. It is for me their way of reaching for other people who might be unfortunately incognizant or unaware about what’s happening around the world today.

So is Social Media to be blamed because other people are unaware of such things?

The Social Media or the News had been doing each other’s parts to inform the public or even the whole nation –if not but – almost covering and delivering every information and news about the world.

It is sadly a fault in your part if you’ve chosen to neglect or disregard every information that’s been presented to you. 

I don’t like to change my photo with the French flag. I don’t simply sympathize with Paris alone, I sympathize for the whole world and other affected nations..”

But I don’t see the need of changing my Profile Pic to FR Flag. I don’t even know why and how it could be of any help to them…

Every people have different views and perceptions almost about everything. Nakakalungkot lang isipin na yung iba,nakikiuso lang. Nagpalit ka nga ng temporary PP. Bakit? Because everybody’s doing it? Hype na ba ito ngayon?
True. Hindi mo masasabing nakakatulong ka dahil sa ganyan. But it’s a way of showing your sympathy. That as a person, you sympathize with them. It’s like your way of telling them:

I’m sorry I can’t hug you physically. I can’t erase the hurt and pain. My own problems wouldn’t even compare to the depth and degree of sorrow that you’re feeling right now. I can’t even give any donations by any means of help. But changing my DP would be my way to say I am deeply sorry for all the victims there in France. That I sympathize with you and I support you in every step that you’ll be stronger. It’s the least thing I could do for you aside from giving a prayer as we are all brothers and sisters.”

People, Facebook does not force you to use that feature. You have the option to disregard or neglect what Mark Zuckerberg and his team is telling you.

If the reason is mainly because Facebook has become picky when it comes to choosing which nation they would sympathize with, remember you can always pray for the whole world. Changing your DP temporarily for at least a week, won’t hurt you. It’s harmless.

I myself changed my DP last week. I know it’s mainly to show your support for FR. But as I did, I also prayed for the other nations that had also been greatly affected by terrorism attacks, the countries that maybe Facebook has forgotten to sympathize with
by creating a feature like one similar to that of France.

You can change your DP to show your support and sympathy to FR but you can also offer prayers to all nations and to the whole world. After all, prayer is all what we can give. So let us not makeYou-changing-your-DP, a big of a deal.

You don’t need a cue to start caring for the whole world and humanity. To feel concerned means to feel God’s love for you. And you have always been loved, by God.

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