Time to Create Your own Facebook’s Timeline Cover Photos

After neglecting my new year’s resolution to blog everyday, I just decided to update my facebook page instead as often as I can. I also try to tweet new posts as often as I can. And just today, I discovered two new updates on my fave social networking websites.

The first one: Twitter’s so kikay! Haha! I mean, literally… it’s pink! It’s cute if you’d ask me and about time for a cool website to advocate pink! LOL!

The other one, Facebook’s changing our profiles to timeline by February 1 whether we like it or not. Bummer!

Actually, I always get confuse while trying to navigate through a Facebook Timeline. It seems like I’m browsing a Tumblr’s website and I hate it. But since it would be a mandatory move for facebook to change our accounts to this lay-out, I decided to change mine ahead of time. Whew!

Upon clicking that button and changing your profile, Timeline automatically set’s your posts in a chronological pattern observing a descending order. So just like any blog, your updates are shown from the latest to the oldest.

What I like about timeline is the option to resize your posts so that you can have a wider view of your images on your timeline. This is a feature photographers would really love as it serves as an opportunity to market your best shots.

But what I really loved about this is the blank space on the top of our timelines waiting to be exploited by our artistic minds. How to create one? I will show you how!

Step 1.

A Timeline Cover Photo is a blank space following an 851 x 315 pixel dimensions. So for the 1st step, by using photoshop create a new project by following this size and observing around 300 -350 resolution.

Step 2.

The new displayed size of your profile pictures is now 125 x 125 pixels, but because of the 4 pixels white borders, it now consumes a total space of 135 x 135 pixels. Take note that the minimum width for an uploaded profile photo image is 180 pixels.

Step 3.

Through the power of Ps, insert your text and designs. Time to get creative. I suggest that you do this by layer so you can easily navigate through your designs without needing to re-do them for the changes.

Step 4.

Hit save button. Make sure that you save it in a JPEG format peeps!

Step 5.

On the top of your timelines is a blank white space. Hit the “Add a Cover” button. Now you have a choice to upload a new picture or just choose from your albums.

Step 6.

Once you’ve selected the picture, click “Save Changes” and you’re good to go.

It is that easy peeps! Now you can enjoy your timeline with an awesome Cover Photo.

For interesting ideas, here’s a collection of cool cover photos for you to enjoy! Don’t forget to post your best lay-outs on my page! 🙂

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