Three Reasons why People Fall in Love

Photo by steveczajka

Psychology explains
Is one of the reasons
Why people fall in love.
Maybe that is all I need
An explanation
But I need a much substantial reason
Why I can’t stop myself

Of course, I am deeply attracted to you
Even if you’re not good looking
Your skin is much darker than mine
Height much shorter
Not so cute at all
But I feel attracted
The first time our eyes met
Your shy stare that I’m trying to catch
Your voice that sounds like Archangel
Your looks that is not model-like.

Character, perhaps?
Never had chances
Having conversation with you
Stalking or investigating?
From these mediums
Got a chance
To know you, and be acquainted with you
Kind, competitive, smart
Many things that I have heard
Which makes me fall harder.

I think I got hit
But not that deep
Cupid fails, this is what I believe
I can control what I am feeling
‘though profoundly, I know, in every moment that our eyes met
Our feelings is mutual, cliché as it seems but that is true
And if given a shot
It would be a lovely ride.


Love is painful
Deceitful sometimes
A game that people play
Competitive battlefield
I‘m not that strong to venture
Not my priority in life


Soon I know,
Special feelings for you will be faded
If it does not
This would remain a sweet nostalgic memory


If you ask me
Like what the song says…
I might change my mind
Hell, with its risks and consequences…

Photo by steveczajka

About Robinson Valenzona

I am a senior high school teacher who wants to write and to teach young ones for the betterment of their mind and of our country as well.