Threading the Crossroad


The Binay Camp downplayed the 10% drop of Jejomar Binay’s presidential rating in the latest Pulse Asia’s Survey. Obviously this is the result of the ongoing Senate investigation about the alleged overprice Makati Parking Building. The Binay camp said they were surprised that the drop was lower than they expected, and they crowed that Binay still command the lead among the probable presidential candidates polled.

Surprisingly, Manuel “Mar” Roxas came in second in that same poll, proof that Binay’s lead is vulnerable.

Ronald Llamas, P’Noy’s Political adviser, advised Binay to confront the issue and explain his side convincingly, else, his rating will go down fast, and people’s distrust will spike even more.

For Binay, Ronald Llamas’ advice is “damn if you do, and damn if you don’t”. Llamas is neither Binay’s foe nor allies, but for Binay, Llamas’ advice appears like a bait to bolster the lift of Mar Roxas’ standing. Meaning, if Binay follows his advice, he would be forced to open more skeletons in his closet if grilled in the Senate. That spells death. If Binay maintains evasiveness, it means, people would hold onto their belief that he’s guilty. Either way, it’s a loss-loss situation. What would Binay do then? Throw his ambition of becoming the President of the Philippines.

First, since Binay was an OIC Mayor of Makati, he had already brushed with corruption, but because of favored political climate then, the issue against him was kept at bay. Successful at dodging, it emboldened him that as a result an aura of invincibility gets onto his head. This manifested, for example, on the way the old man handled his son’s abused of power as Mayor of Makati. The old Binay said, in effect, “his son is entitled to more respect,” when the netizens, poured in their anger on how his son demonstrated arrogant attitude unbecoming of a public servant when his 4-car convoy was barred from exiting in one of the posh Dasmarinas Village on December 18, 2013. The Inquirer reported that a minute after the Jun Jun’s convoy was stopped, he gets out of his lead car and talk to the village security and asked: “Don’t you know me?” Then the Makati Police confiscated the guard’s weapon and brought them to the police station for questioning. The guards, as reported, were arrested just for following the Dasmarinas Village policy.

Binay’s ambition of becoming head of state is neatly planned according to his timetable. He made a political investment on nourishing his EPAL system. Meanwhile, the logistic he needed for aiming the highest position of the land is well taken care of because of shady deals. He’s very careful not to make many enemies. As Vice President, he maintains a neutral stand on issues, avoiding provocative stance, which would cause split with P’Noy. It seemed everything fall into place.

One day, however, so hung up on the aura of his invincibility, Binay reneged his promise to his Vice Mayor then Ernesto Mercado, his partner in shady deals. Binay said, he would support him becoming the next mayor of Makati, but instead push for his son Jun Jun. Lots of crime are squealed up because of double-cross. The Plunder charge against Binay made the first block of domino to fall, and as expected, all dominoes will fall.

Would Binay be able to recover to think that there is much dirt to be dug up until the time when presidential campaigns start in 2016?

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