Thoughts That Wander

tumblr_lldgl3BaOD1qjqpwso1_1280Daydreaming is the best escape.

How I wish I could be somewhere where I am surrounded with lush green trees, and there where I can clench the rough ground dirt with my fists.

I want to run. I need to run. I need an escape. I deserve an escape.

I wish I have the guts to break away from this daily solitary routine. How can life be defined by staying inside a big box with doors and windows? How can these four corners make us feel alive and kicking? Office sucked the life out of me. Work is of the essence, but somehow we have that occasional thug within us to let loose and return to our primary roots.

Life should be lived out on the open field, under the vast blue sky, embracing sunshine’s warmth, shivering because of rain showers, leaping from a rock to another, rolling over the green grass, and swimming seas and oceans. There are animals within each and every one of us. We can run like gazelles all throughout the vertical horizon, be beasts and fight like jungle lions, and pound the ground like big grumpy elephants. Some of us may even be dolphins living life carefree, or be silly like a bunch of baboons having the time of their lives. But one thing is for certain, if only we have wings then surely, without a doubt we will be like eagles soaring the brazen skies.

Life has so much to offer than the confines of my office— answering calls and providing solutions, absorbing other people’s anger and frustrations. Stress is a huge boulder I cast upon my shoulders. A breakdown is not too far from where I am right now. Bearing it alone is not possible.

A friend may come, but soon they’ll pass. And in my quaint bedroom moments I cry, somehow it eases the pain. In most tough cases screaming helps, find a rooftop and scream all you want. But rest assured most of the time ice cream never fails.


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