Those Were The Days

Image from the Ark of Music

I remember the days when you first said ‘I love You’ and I felt like I was the luckiest person on earth that day.

You taught me how to love again after so many painful breakups that I went through.

You are not just a partner for me, but the best buddy that I had. You comfort me when I’m feeling down, you listen every time I tell different stories, you never stop caring for me whether I am sad or sick, and you were one of those rare people I’ve met who’s willing to give up her own happiness for the sake of her loved ones.

And because of that, I love you even more!

Those were the days when I prayed to God that whatever happens, no one would give up on us. I want you to stay in my life because I’m sure that you’re the one I am looking for ever since.

Those were the days when I already planned to give you a ring to ask you to marry me. I want to hold your hands forever and be my loving future wife, because I’ve seen those qualities in you that I am looking for in a woman.

Those were the days when we both promised not to take each other for granted and we will always remain faithful. I want those promises to keep for a lifetime, because I want to prove them wrong that not all promises are made to be broken.

But all these things will never happen anymore!

Because you decided to stay away from me for unknown reasons. I woke up one day knowing that you have already left and nowhere to be ouind. Whatever the reasons behind, I hope one day, I can finally accept that we’re not really meant for each other.

But I can’t ignore the fact that even until now, I’m still thinking of those days when we were both in love and happy!


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