Things They Don’t Tell You About Love


It can be – if you put in the effort.

You see, love isn’t easy. At least the love you always wanted.

So, what are the things they don’t tell you about love?


  1. It’s supposed to be hard.

    When was the last time something REAL good came easy?

    If you believe in finding “the one”, I hate to break it to you but it doesn’t exist.

    “The one’s that most suitable at this moment in time” does exist. But you will end up in a endless cycle of looking for someone that you may never meet.

    Now, am I asking you to settle?


    I’m asking you to find someone that you genuinely care for and that they care for you just the same.

    That you both deep down respect each other as lovers.

    The notion that love is supposed to be friction-less forever is a fantasy.

    It will be smooth sailing in the beginning since you are infatuated.

    But as soon as you start living with each other and they start showing you their ugly side… that’s when love actually starts.

    I remember an Instagram quote I saw once that I keep:
    “I don’t want someone who loves me at my best, but one who loves me at my worst.”

    Wise words to live by.

  2. You got to accept, even the bad parts.

    William Shakespeare once said that expectation is the mother of all disappointment.

    It’s not stupid to have expectations for your other half to perform up to. It’s not smart to have them either.

    We are no longer living in the age whereby the woman is supposed to act according to the man’s wishes (although such constructs still exist).

    Nowadays, we recognize each other not as husband and wife but as people first and foremost.

    People whose hopes, fears and desires are very true to their own.

    You must understand that they will do what they want to do as they are their own and no one “owns” them.

    They have their own free will.

    Being lovers means you have to accept them for who they are and that they will only change if they want to change.

  3. Temptation is real.

    Most people would never admit it. But it exists and it’s very real.

    But whatever the situation, always remember that a moment of passion is not worth a lifetime of regret.

    We are irrational creatures but it’s still no excuse.

    To be lovers is to be exclusive to one another in mind, body and soul (hence, soul-mate).

    This reminds me of a saying I once heard that goes:

    “Are you interested or are you committed?”

    What’s the difference you ask:
    Interested – you will only do what’s convenient (how you feel like in the moment) – terrible choice when temptation is lurking.
    Committed – you will do whatever it takes (regardless of how you feel) – if you are in a committed relationship, it means you will do whatever it takes to make it work even when temptation is right behind you.


With all this difficulty, is love still worth pursuing?



There’s nothing else like the feeling of having a buddy, teammate, lover to be by your side as you navigate through life together.

Nothing. Else.


This post was written by Ben Sim from iPrice group.


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