Things My 20 Years Old(er) Self Would Tell Me

Life is tough.

Too many a times, I come across many instances where I find myself saying “if only someone told me that sooner.”


If you are in the your 20’s, you would feel that you need to rush – as though you are late for something.

In the realm of love (as a guy), you feel you are late to the game as early as age 16 when you see some of your friends already have romantic interests much early than yourself.

Looking back, I would tell my younger self that there was no rush.


There is a saying that:
in your 20’s, you care a lot about what others think about you,
in your 30’s, you don’t care about what others think about you,
in your 40’s, you realized that nobody cared at all.


Knowing this and I want to share this with you is:

Instead of asking yourself what you would tell your younger self, ask – what would older self advise you on your situation?

When you are lost, seek your older wiser self.


I am now currently 24, engaged and with no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

Since I’m at the start of my career like many of you, I take advice from anyone who has what I want.


But after listening to so many talking heads, I’ve realized the trick isn’t to just take people’s advice.

You may aspire to be them but you don’t want to be them. You want to be you.

They may love to travel like you do, but they love hiking, you love the beach.


It’s important to see things like how they see things, but you got to be you.


Sometimes I find myself worrying about work-life balance – am I working too hard and spending too little time with my fiancee?

I ask my 45 year old self and he would say “Success will come eventually but don’t forget to enjoy your time while it lasts.”

He would tell me to make sure that my fiancee feels loved everyday and don’t go to bed angry.

He would tell me that my time is finite and I should use it wisely on the things that matter to me – be it work or relationships.


It’s a simple concept but not a popular one.

Ask yourself, what would your 45-year-old self tell you?

(Funny how the answers were always there all along, eh?)


This opinion piece was written by Ben Sim from iPrice group. He thinks a lot for fun.


About bensim

Ben is a blogger & life enthusiast. When he isn't busy with his nose in personal growth books, he is counting how few things he owns and practicing stoicism. He currently works for iPrice group.