Things an online gamer should remember

It is true – online games admittedly dominate much of many student’s money. It is usual hearing aimless conversation from a student who have just showered his eyes from the overheating rays olf the computer. Usually a strategy game setting each side in at least 45 minutes of enjoyment in front of radiation. Who would try to refuse accepting prizes of excitement and satisfaction?

Have any of them wondered how computer games are connected with notebooks and class cards? or tried to ask if an expert gamer would be the same as Professional Doctors or Legal Counsels? The answer itself will not be coming from a 45-minute game nor a search through Google.

I was once a gamer from my 2nd year to 4th year High School, I would honestly tell that 45-minute game is full of excitement and will leave your day with a smile, and sometimes playing too much until a sound from a rooster would wind me up, just to say I’m satisfied, and of that habit I considered myself junkie in games. Every morning is a challenge for me not about what to be discussed in school, but what strategy should be used to win the next game.

Responsible enough, my parents sent me to school for they have known I’m doing my job, liable for giving me allowances but they have been oblivious in reality, always tells me to study hard but i look so tired hearing that phrase.

I can’t blame games, I can’t blame Jas Computer Shop pulling me away from school, because it was my decision to get books away from me, thus I myself didn’t refuse prizes that brought me to happiness and satisfaction.

An increase in number of students is also an increase of different strategy games, a trend in this generation will also be a hit for everybody, if everybody plays, then go!! But for what are those gamers for? Calling you a professional gamer does not have any value in our society, no one can call a professional gamer if someone is losing his/her breath, professional gamer won’t save you from a shooting scene, well it seems to be all complicated simply because of games.

Dreams are to be set free, actions must follow, a 3-hour sitting in front of a computer is definitely not a help in everyone’s dream. We can hear almost all dreaming to become professionals and a pleasant titles behind their names, but not as Professional gamer.

Everyone aspires to have an additional call before their names particularly “mam” and “sir”, games are not the one which provides ladder to success, nor creating own ladder, the real ladder consistently gives success are notebooks and class cards, in a way shorter it will reach all, is study hard.

Computer games are not subject prerequisite making students busy after hours of study, students enroll to fill their minds with dream-fulfilling knowledge. Bulging wallets are reserved for energy-provider foods, heavy bag packs are for ideas to tell and absorb. Games will do nothing instead sit down and wait for the book to open. It is not too late to go with the other side of society. Despite wins and loses, and allowances wasted are lessons that everyone’s eyes should truthfully be opened in any educational matter; not in front of a heating rays of computer.

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  1. Hello. After reading your article, I noticed some of your points are not well explained; moreover, some are not making sense.

    Before anything else, I would like you to know that I, considering the time I’ve spent on computer games, am a gamer.

    I would just want to add some inputs on your “Gaming is useless in real life” point. While it is true that professional gaming is less than a professional doctor in society, it is also true that a book contains more facts than a Yu-Gi-Oh card. My point is you should not compare real job to professional gaming. People aspiring to be doctors need to study many years before they become real doctors; on the other hand, a gamer just need good skills, luck and determination. I’ve heard professional gamers have real jobs aside from professional gaming. This is because they know that professional gaming isn’t a steady source of income.

    Other than that, you said that gaming is a waste of time and resources. While I also believe that spending your whole allowance in gaming is stupid, I also believe that you should play if you want to and you have enough time to. I consider gaming both as source of enjoyment and knowledge. I enjoy playing LoL with friends just as I enjoy playing basketball with my friends. As with knowledge, I get ideas on what people enjoy playing. As a BS CS student who wants to be a game dev, I think that I should know what people want so I can give it to them. The knowledge I get is not exclusive to me wanting to be a game dev. Playing with some people also results in friendship. Since I was an elementary student, it was hard for me to have friends that was until I became interested in PC gaming.

    I agree with your last paragraph. I think students need to realize when to distance themselves from gaming. You should not play when you know you can’t or shouldn’t. You should prioritize studying before gaming. I just don’t think that you should give up gaming over studying because I know people can handle both if they try to.

    I just want to get that out of my chest since I get annoyed every time I hear someone says gaming is useless. Well, thank you if you read my comment. Just that and please proofread your article. Some parts are really hard to understand.

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