These Fearless Girls are the Ultimate #SquadGoals


Ultimate Squad Goals

Move along Boy Scouts! Who run the world? Girls. Meet Claude, Gayle, and Aira the fearless girl squad on the planet who is conquering popular destinations around the world. Call them #fabulous, #funny, #pretty, #fashionable and #adventurous, they perfectly defined ultimate #squadgoals. Enough of hashtags, they inspire millennials through their attractive social media posts. Every girls wish they were part of this squad.

I was scrolling down my Facebook page when I saw several travel photos of these girls captioned “#SquadGoals”, “#GirlPower”, and “#TravelGoals”. I started stalking them and checked their social media accounts. I like how they master the art of a perfect Instagram angle and filter combination of their photos.

Since then, I’m a fan. I’ve been traveling solo but it doesn’t mean I’m lonely. I would have my travel squad embark on an adventure with me. However, most of them are too busy to take time out. Ok I mean it, I’m jealous of their friendship because my squad isn’t “fabenturous” (fabulous+adventurous) as them. I just realize how important strong squads are that you need to work out instead of working on your six packs.

Lavender fields in Provence, France

Lavender fields in Provence, France #SquadGoals

Every group of friend dream of traveling the world. These cool chicks are the perfect example of a dream squad. Working together at the same job as flight attendants, they always make sure to go on a trip at least once a year. Together they make memories of a lifetime. For them, there’s no reason to be bored in life. They are crazy and silly but they’ll make the time pass by quickly.

You can imagine how incredible it would feel embarking on a journey with your favorite friends and start a new adventure. The purpose of squad goals is not always to show off your group of friends special in some way but to undertake awe-inspiring journeys. Your squad is there to assemble the pieces of your life together to become the best version you can possibly be. Also, squads aren’t just a hashtag of the moment; they bring colors to your life.

Oia Santorini, Greece
Oia Santorini, Greece #SquadGoals

Recently, I got the chance to interview them and talk about their adventures along the road. It was such a great conversations. I admire them. They are meant to be together to cheer and laugh together. Discover more from them through the following:

Names: Claude, Gayle, Aira
Profession/Work: Paid Travelers a.k.a Flight Attendants
IG accounts: claudia_maria0821, gaylie28, missairah

What do you love about traveling?
I guess it’s a sort of feeling that we get when we travel, the thought of stepping on a place where we only dream of in photos, turning dreams into reality, the sense of fulfilment to know that you can, it makes you appreciate life even better. It makes you appreciate the people you are with at that moment.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done with together as a squad?
Jeopardized ourselves by hanging on a mountain cliff to take a perfect photo. *hyena laugh* Tripped on strangers that pass us by at Amsterdam canals. Got wild like a party animal in a club and many more. I think when we decided to start travelling together, like three crazy heads mixed up together, it’s one of the craziest decisions you’ll ever do!

Mountain cliff in Cap Canaille, France
Mountain cliff in Cap Canaille, France #SquadGoals

Who’s the social media master? How often do you usually post?
Gayle! She’s the one in charge of posting our squad goals moments and keep everyone updated on our travel timeline!

Who’s the party animal?
Claude! She’s probably the most extroverted type among us!

When selecting hotel, luxury or low-budget?
Low budget, airbnb’s, backpacker hostels, we like spending more on food and experience.

Do you want to go-go-go, or take it slow?
Well, we’d choose Go-go-go, we make time pass by quickly. Life is short.

Who’s the travel planner and who’s a free spirit?
Aira is the main travel planner, probably the free spirit as well. She’s the most adventure-seeker among the group. She makes us detailed travel itinerary to make sure we don’t miss every must-see places. Being with her feels like you are with a traveling book guide.

Up in the air in Cappadocia, Turkey #SquadGoals
Up in the air in Cappadocia, Turkey

Street Food: Delicious or Gross? Of course, delicious! But we try gross for the experience.

How many times have you got lost while travelling?
Countless! Like there was no place we didn’t get lost. But those were the best stories to tell!

Sightseeing Transportation: Train, Bicycle or Walking?
We usually prefer to drive around especially in countryside destination. In downtown, we rather walk no matter how far it is. For us walking around is best way to explore the city.

Natural wonders or City view? Definitely natural wonders.

Happy moments in Rome, Italy.
Happy moments in Rome, Italy.

Luggage or Backpack?
Luggage. We are flight attendants ha! Ha! Ha! It’s a thing that we prefer just pulling our things anywhere. Don’t get us wrong, we just want to keep ourselves fashionable.

Where your next adventure is should be?
Wow, we are excited to tell you that our next trip will be in Jordan and Iceland.

Stuffs that you cannot live without?
Bunch of them actually. Mostly for photography. Our adventure will not be possible without these stuffs. DSLR camera, Gorillapod, GoPro and iPad for picture editing.

Finally, what can you say to other Corporate Nomads out there? Or those that keeps a regular 9-to-5 jobs and yet finds and makes time to travel? Inspire them.
When we were trapped in a world where making money is a necessity for every individual for us to live, travel is usually our main escape on this life routine. But looking at it on the other way, travel actually inspires us, fires our passion to do better with everything we got in our hands, for doing a hard work of keeping up with life, you reward yourself with experiences no amount of money can ever buy in this world.

Water adventure in France
Water adventure in France

There you have it. We all love them already. They just educate us to how beautiful life is. We are all inspired of their journey. They keep the balance between life and work in style. Beauty, passion, career and travel all in one. Thanks for reading! Do not forget to share us you ultimate #SquadGoals.

The Corporate Nomads

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