The Vulnerable, the Scooper, and the Queer


Before Manny Pacquiao’s infamous quote: “Homosexuals as worse than animals,” let’s understand that his 65 professional boxing bouts his head had received an enormous amount of beatings that could have altered how his head is wired. It’s a typical occurrence on boxers. Be it mental or physical. Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather, for example, have had controversial behavioral issues. Mohammed Ali, on the other hand, has had Parkinson’s disease.

Manny diversified his career apart from boxing: the last two being a politician and an Evangelical Christian. People wondered about Manny’s motivation as a politician. People feel he is not cut for it. Only his absentee record marked his stint in the last Congress. His affiliation with Manny Villar in the 2010 election and now his association with Jejomar Binay, people say, is indicative of his poor insight into politics.

On his being an Evangelical Christian he seems to find his passion. On several occasions, he conducted a fellowships rally, made testimonies on how the Lord changed his life, and preached the Bible as a pastor. He even went to Jerusalem where Jesus Christ was born. And there, he seems to find his complete transformation.

From time to time, a trickle of news coming out from Jerusalem that there are Evangelical Christians who once visited the birthplace of Christ have acquired this “Messiah Complex”; a psychological makeup personifying themselves as the modern day Jesus Christ.

Now, with Manny’s getting constant hits on his head for over 20 years of boxing, one may not discount the possibility that somehow, he may have some anomalies going in his brain though not yet pronounced. Or the “Messiah Complex” had already crept in.

And then came his interview with TV 5, where he was asked about his opinion on same-sex marriage. Manny exhibited an exuberant demeanor expounding his belief. He was enthusiastic, hyper, and so excited. And then his tongue slips with his indiscreet unfortunate quote. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community member went ballistic, especially those in the TV and movie industry. Controversial quips coming from a world celebrity like him can get everybody’s reactions thrown into the smoldering fire. And it became a worldwide firestorm.

During election season of any democratic nation, the mainstream media outlet scrounge scoop with potential sensational impact. Three usual issues are their favorite fodder; abortion, euthanasia, and same- sex marriage – all have religious flavor. They set up dragnet who among the politicians they could be trapped. In the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao fits the bill.

Exuberant in defending what the Bible says, an effect perhaps of “Messiah Complex”, and that constant hits his head get from boxing bouts, the media outlet had gotten from him the quips that could launch their ratings up into the stratosphere. Manny’s quip had become an international topic. Kudos to TV 5, they scooped out their competitor.

Manny apologized for his language screw up but remain steadfast with his stand. Vice Ganda, a comedian whose brand of comedy is deprecating humor insulting people, and one of the first who lambasted Pacquiao of his opinion, made a hashtag telling people not to vote for Manny for Senator. Manny should be thankful for that because the last time he did the same to Nancy Binay, the latter won.

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