The usual ball that is passionately played by every Filipino.

A street will not be complete without a sound from shouting kids, playing “piko”, or an ordinary hide and seek. A ball indicating “PBA” around it would definitely bring out children’s fullest smile and even leaving what is currently played, kid holding a ball and desperate for a shot would make you tell “WOW” and a father trying to lift his kid just to reach the rim is common for every Pinoy.

The 40-year running PBA have opened lots of opportunities to Filipinos, shot made by Robert Jaworski, Jimmy Alapag, up to Stanley Pringle is being keenly watched by die-hard fans, and PBA maybe will not anymore running by now if uneven number of supporters have shown up. It is just these words can tell Filipinos are PBA-influenced.

Streets with rough surfaces are responsible for making every Filipino aware of basketball, it will not gain audiences if a game will not be taken place, a simple shot would bring huge roar from spectators, a more sound if 3-point shots were made. A fine observation by a kid with enough efforts sends him to a higher workplace and now is being watched.

A sport Filipinos used to play basketball will always be in everyone’s heart. An awaited game will urge everyone to buy tickets in Araneta Coliseum, a 25-000 spectators compressing in a huge dome roaring and shouting will tell us how is basketball in here. A family watching together a game is enough in telling they are passionate supporters.

From disoriented streets of the Philippines all the way to International stage, everyone seems to be familiar with Jeff Chan, Jimmy Alapag, and the rest of Gilas Pilipinas, from a cheer locally the word “Gilas Pilipinas” is now prominent around the world, bringing Filipino basketball into a powerhouse place of performance. A berth in 24 teams in FIBA World Cup, was gotten away by an average sized nation, with its smallest maker 5 feet 7 inches, confidently clashing against those 7 footers. A battlecry of “laban Pilipinas Puso”, meaning, putting heart in whatever will happen, is one of the team’s identity. From full-blooded Filipinos to naturalized, telling “puso” that nothing is impossible in achieving merit for a hard working team. Win and lose are fairly accepted by Pinoys who witnessed tough challenges of Gilas Pilipinas, and whatever size the ball is, basketball still a passion for Filipinos.

Without being further shocked we will see every 4 years Gilas Pilipinas representing 3 stars and a sun in FIBA World Cup, homegrown players, playing their duties hard. The 12 will not only be Jeff, Paul, Gabe, Ranidel, Andray, Marc, Jimmy, Jayson, Japeth, Junemar, Gary, L.A., stepping into the world stage, indeed, everyone can make it, it is from the narrow streets of the Philippines which build muscle to success and molds a greatly inspired Filipino basketball.

gilas pilipinas photo
Photo by saraabend98

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