The Uncertainty of Tomorrow

A road less traveled.
A road less traveled.
A road less traveled.

As an entrepreneur, uncertainty brings us both the feeling of fear and excitement. Who knows what the future holds, right?

Unfortunately, many of us give up the moment we feel the fear lurking inside us. The feeling of excitement is being overwhelmed and we are choosing security over freedom.

How do we overcome these situations? What should we do to stay on course?

Whenever the feeling of uncertainty is haunting us, remember these important things:


We started our own business because we saw ourselves making a difference in people’s lives while doing the things that we love. Whenever you feel uncertain of the future, don’t hesitate to revisit the vision. Don’t lose sight.

The Reason Why

Why did you build this business? The answer to that question makes everything in line again. Remembering why you started brings back the old feelings of excitement, inspiration and hope. Don’t forget why you started.

Your Customers’ Feedback

Whenever a customer buys a pair of football boots from us, I am asking them to leave their honest feedback on our Facebook page. You’ll be surprised on how you affected their lives through your products or services. Rereading their reviews and remembering their reactions about your product or service will actually make you push harder. It will give you a sense of hunger to improve your business so you can touch more lives through your products or services.

Your Personal Dream

We all decided to become entrepreneurs because we have our own personal dreams. Imagining ourselves fulfilling and living the dream removes all the negative feelings of uncertainty. Don’t stop dreaming and make sure that you work hard every day to make yourself one step closer to your personal dream.

No one knows what the future is in store for us. But remember, life is not what happens to us. Life is what we make it.

If you have your own personal approach on how you are overcoming the fear of uncertainty, share it with us by leaving a comment. We would like to hear from you.

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