The Two Faces of Opinion


May mga panahon talaga na kahit di mo man gustuhin, eh magbibigay ka talaga ng sarili mong opinyon about things. Yung tipong ma papaisip ka tapos bigla mong sasabihing,

” Ay, mali yan dre! Ito dapat..”

Or maybe you’ve been dying already to open that mouth of yours and speak about what you think you know about something.

Opinion lang naman. True, pero bakit ang daming nagrereact about an opinion? Naisip mo ba?

“This is a democratic country, I can say whatever I want to say.”

Free nga. Pero siyempre you should first think about the words that would eventually came out from that mouth of yours. Think before you click that ‘post’ button.

Hanggang kailan ba ang freedom na ‘yan ? May hangganan ba ‘yan? How would you know na sa kabibigay mo ng opinion mo while- thinking-that-freedom-of-yours – eh, may nasaktan ka na pala? I think that would be the limit. The right time when you knew you’ve been exercising that free will too much.

Sabi nga sa 23:11, it is when you extend your arm not thinking about others, that you had already hit someone.

Choose your words carefully. How would netizens react to that? May ma -ooffend ba? Ano ba yung magiging dating sa kanila? Would it appeal to them simply the way it had on you? Is the kind of effect it had on you almost the same to them? Are you sure you delivered the message clearly?

As for me, I classify opinion in to two kinds. And I call it…

“The Two Faces of Opinion”

1. Biased Opinion. Ito yung klase ng opinion kung saan may pinili kang panigan. Say, for example, You were given an issue about whether Duterte or Roxas would make a good president for the country. Or maybe a Mcfloat from Jollibee’s coke float?

So you started by saying, “In my opinion, I think blah, blah is better than…” That, my friend causes an uproar, a contradiction to someone else’s choice. A disagree or agreement. A disrupt of preferences. And if your lucky enough, you might earn a good plate of dinner of snarky and harsh comments that would certainly claw out your appetite.

Don’t get me wrong. Having a biased opinion isn’t always bad as it may seem. It actually helps enlighten other people to have a good choice. It makes them realize about something. It gives them another chance of looking at the  other options that might be better than what they already had at hand. It might also clear their messy heads up and stop them from having second thoughts again. So you see, having a biased opinion helps people out, actually.

2. Unbiased Opinion. It is for me the safest way to give about something. You don’t need to choose. You generalize it. You can also choose to be specific. Point out the pros and cons. Specify the good and bad sides. Let them choose for you.

This type of opinion won’t hurt. Although, it shows you don’t have the audacity to choose between a thing and a thing, but it is better this way. It allows people to have an overview of what’s and what’s.

Promote to have a peaceful haven in cyberworld. What you post reflects your personality.


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