The Truth Behind the Truth

Define “viral.” A “viral” phenomenon is something that easily spreads between people, places, and cultures. Now, in the age of the internet, the concept of “viral” has remained largely the same, but has become much, much easier. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or have very little interest in politics, you’ve probably seen this:

That link will lead you to a video named “AQUINO COJUANGCO: FACTS THEY DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW HD. The video revolves around the idea that the Noynoy Aquino’s kin, from his father and mother all the way to his descendents, are not as holy and angelic as we believe them to be. The video wishes to inform the people of this truth and wishes to pull our people out of the dark.

But is it the truth?

I believe it is. I can go into a long tirade of defense, fact-checking, and offensives, but instead, I’ll leave that to you. I will, of course, defend and use some information supplied in the video in this article, but just to remind you, this won’t be a history lesson; I never made a good AP student/teacher.  I don’t want want you to believe every single thing in the video, but I don’t want you to call it all lies, either. Instead, I want you to formulate your own opinion about the matter, hopefully, with your own research. Instead, today, I’ll take some time to tell you about the background of this video. I’ll tell you about how and why this video was made and why I believe it to be true. I’ll refute arguments, defend some, and maybe leave some unanswered. Many of the arguments against this video and for this video can be found circulating the web, specifically on blogs and on facebook. I’ve read a few, both pro and con, and I’m ready to bring on my own. So, shall we begin?

Personally, I don’t idolize any government leader, nor do I wish to turn any of them into a hero; I firmly believe that every leader, no matter how perfect or innocent he or she may seem, has some hidden past. The current Pope, if you recall, was a member of the Hitler Youth. Does that stop anyone from following his command? No. That’s how we should be with Cory or Noynoy, being “yellow” isn’t just about believing them to be heroes, but following them.

I hate blind faith; after the horrible years of Marcos, something no one wants to relive, Cory and Ninoy were turned into heroes. In a way, they were. No matter what people say, you can’t deny that Ninoy was, and is, one of the sparks that ignited the revolution. Cory became a symbol of Ninoy, her faith and patriotism further turned the spark into a flame. You can say that Cory’s changes to the country, i.e. the 60/40 constitution, was horrible, but that would be an “ad hominem.” Just because she did this doesn’t mean her other contributions are null and void.

The truth is, and always will be, is that Cory became President. The Truth, however, has hundreds of other truths behind it; There’s truth BEHIND the truth.  And this is what the video exposes: the dark, lesser-known underbelly and secrets that is hidden from us. For one, she didn’t WANT to be president at first. And now, naysayers say…

“But Linewave, that’s not true! There are claims in the video that is known to us! Revealed!”

This is one of the arguments from the video’s opposition. Revealed, yes, but how much? The video puts blame to some news agencies as the video claims that they are holding us back. They’re not revealing the entire truth. Now tell me, did you know the facts in the video? How many of you, if quizzed, would be able to supply some of these trivia? To be honest, my mind was also blown upon watching it; the facts, trivias, connections and truths, I can’t really believe in all of them. Now, this is the entire point of the video. To inform, to spread, and to educate. These people who claim that these facts have already been revealed should know that not everyone is as educated and informed as they are.

I’ll use a metaphor here: Christopher Lao didn’t know that the flood was THAT deep. The people knew. He drove into the water. Question: Was he informed? Nope. He didn’t know. You can’t expect EVERYONE to know just because YOU do; that’s why we write and make educational videos. That’s why there are teachers: To teach. And this is how some of us are: We weren’t informed; you know, I don’t.

“Linewave, a lot of these are just speculation and rumors! Tell me, is this ‘truth?'”

Wow. Hm…

Well, in my opinion, it could be. Speculation or not, there are rumors and myths in this video; some of which can’t be refuted or acknowledged as truth. That’s the beauty of the human mind: we’re creatures of curiosity, we’ll never think of something as “wrong” so long as we don’t have reason to speak against it. It’s not that good, but it does come in handy. We can never dismiss or approve whether or not the Cojuangcos had that special connection with Luna or whether or not they fired the first shot. This is up for YOU to choose. Until more information is available, we have to make do with what we have. From what the video says, and from what the bloggers say, which do you THINK is true? Speculate, my friend. Make your own guess, nobody is going to kill you or your belief (though that doesn’t mean they can’t try.)

“What about this, the EDSA revolution: it didn’t have the majority of the people, yet it succeeded. Nobody came to protest the revolution!”

Well, that’s true. I can’t argue with that. It’s a good point. Nobody came to peacefully remove Cory. Instead, they had, how many coups? Failed attempt, every single one of them. However, one actually did injure Noynoy, which, he did say, became the spark for his love of guns. Don’t get me wrong, a coup is different from the People Power, it’s just that saying EVERYONE was satisfied with Cory is wrong. Communists, i’m pretty sure, still wanted their own system. These soldiers, I guess, still wanted their power and support. To say that just because there was no EDSA to remove Cory doesn’t mean everyone was happy. You can’t please everyone, unless of course you’re Kim Jung-Il. But then again, controlling people isn’t as easy as some people make it to be….

“The back masking is pretty scary stuff! Are they using subliminal messages?”

Backmasking isn’t really that bad. It’s not as scary as some may think; mind control is just too far away. Sure, there was a time that the US and USSR believed in psychic and mind power (search MKULTRA or Project Stargate) as a tool in war, but in reality, what’s that going to do but make you feel really, really scared? Some people CAN recognize voices and the gender of the voice being played back, but seriously, there is no proof that it will control you like Yuri.

Plus, all that “Infinity” symbol stuff is a conspiracy. I’ve had my own share of these kinds of myths; I’ve read ad researched conspiracies in my spare time, this is just as plausible as the “Bill Gates is the Anti-Christ” and a step above” Lizard Men caused 9/11. ” The real way to control someone is to limit their exposure to the media and to the truth.

“Linewave, the media is biased!”

Yes, yes it is. Kinda.

Sensationalized media is just that: sensational stories that are played for their audience impact rather than their national importance. How many people are going to be affected by the suicide or death of an actor? Now, how many people WILL be affected by the factoids in the video.

Sure it’s sad, but shouldn’t the be considered gossip? Just like Noynoy’s girlfriends? The media DOES, however, have the habit of stretching out these headlines, way longer than I care for. I expect these news to come out only when I leave the couch to pee or to get a glass of water (i.e. Chika, chismis, and the commercials) not in between the news about the global economic crisis and the latest news about a fire in a nursing home.

The Murders, the SCTEX, and the media’s “Let’s ask Kris before we ask, I don’t know, Noynoy’s other (Yes, not just Kris) sisters!”, all of them are examples of bias. Even I, someone who likes to dig up the truth, have only found out about the murder of the bishop, supposedly done by the Cojuangcos, after I watched the video; For me, who should be blamed? Who is the first suspect? Well, why not the people he’s AGAINST? We can’t LEGALLY say they’re guilty without trial, but you have to admit, this makes better news than Noynoy’s supposed girlfriend.

This links up to my first argument, on how we’re not informed. Bias is when people don’t show what’s supposed to be showed. Who should inform us? The news. I don’t want to wait for a documentary and I don’t want to wait for Bio or History to come out with their own versions either. Remember, controlling the media is basically putting them into a mini-matrix.

“Don’t listen to this, antipinoy and getrealphilippines is behind this video! Pinoymonkeypride is their puppet!”


“Budget Secretary Florencio Abad said he suspected the video was “possibly meant to distract attention from controversies like the departure bid of former President Arroyo.”

AP and GRP are sites about liberalizing the economy and exposing the flaws in the public’s perception of their own culture and mindset. They’re not AGAINST our race, as they’re part of it, but for it. Being affiliated with one of these sites is not a sin. I had a article published there once, what’s wrong with that? If wanting our country to progress is so bad, then rage against the Communists, Rightists, Religious leaders, they all want the same thing too, a better country.

Ad Hominem is a logical fallacy. As I said, just because they said or did things before doesn’t mean everything else they say is any less true. Black Propaganda insinuates that it ISN’T true and that it ISN’T based on anything real other than the slimmest rumor. Question: How much of you actually believe this? How many of you, after all I said, still believes that this is just another trick?

A trick? For what? Noynoy IS president and he can’t run for re-election. Noynoy isn’t going to be coup-ed or EDSA’d because of this. This isn’t something left-over from the elections, this is something that contains information USED during the elections. THINK! Just because the election is over doesn’t mean we can’t criticize Noynoy! He does that all the time with Gloria! Speaking of GMA, they’re using her as an excuse (again.) They’re afraid she’s using this as a distraction.

If the government is as good as it should be, it would make sure that NOBODY would allow Arroyo to run. If we’re so afraid of her escaping (at least, from the public eye) then shouldn’t it tighten security? Why does it want us to move our anger from Aquino to Arroyo? She has a sickness, at least be courteous and let her be treated, just like Ninoy was allowed to leave. Arroyo can go back, she has to. It’s not like she’ll run after her operation or treatment. (I mean literally run.) But the government did it’s job, they squashed the video and hid it once more. The people now believe that this is propaganda and nothing but. Once again, they keep us in the black. Is that why we voted for them?

“What about the oligarchy? The Constitution? Democracy?”

Well, that’s up to you. An oligarchy is something where only a few people can be in power, and when you think about it, it doesn’t have that much meaning. The Oligarchy is a collection of supposed families that control the government and maintain their power through influence. This connects with the bias, the information, and the Antipinoy connection arguments: AP and GRP want to bring down this supposed oligarchy by allowing free-trade but because of the bias and the information lock, people think and believe that ChaCha, something to free the market, is wrong and immoral.

As long as we continue to limit the country’s assets to local businesses, we make it harder for foreign investors and businesses to enter. Democracy also is flawed if there is no whistleblower. When this video was reported on the news, did anyone interview the maker? The supporters? No. They just interviewed the officials for THEIR stand. Is that bias? Yes.

“So Linewave, what’s your stand?”

My final stand is that this video is epicly cool. I really liked the video. It was expertly made and it had good animations. Also, I love the truth.

The truth, as I see it, is hidden. One has to go beyond the fold in order to find it. That’s why I write, I want to teach and educate; this video isn’t a matter of hating or loving, it’s a matter of education. To me, I don’t care if Cory or Noynoy is secretly evil, it’s the same to me anyway; the country moves on nevertheless. Once your educated, it’s what you do with your education that matters. That’s what I want to see because that’s what matters. Keep my words in mind”  To know is a responsibility, to not know is an excuse, but to choose not to know is a sin. ”


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