The Things We Left Unsaid

Just Walk Away by Damian Gadal

The last time I saw you, you stood there unsure.

And I just said, “Hi,” when what I wanted to say was I missed you. And you nodded. It told me you did, too.

And I asked how you were. But what I wanted to know was if you can stay. For good. And you gave me half a smile, that never reached your eyes. Never like it used to.

Then you averted my eyes. Because you know I would find truths which were hard to confront at the time. So much had been said, a lot of awful things done. We both crossed the line, and it’s almost impossible to go back.

walking away photo
Photo by cocoparisienne (Pixabay)

And when I said, “I’ll see you around,” what I really wanted was for time to stand still, or let you know I’m still hoping. And when you nodded, I knew it meant, “So, do I.”

And all you can do is put your hands in your pocket, and for me clench my hands. And walk away with unshed tears in my eyes.



Photo by Damian Gadal