The tale of a sweet brown concoction and an acquittal.

The town of Perugia, Italy is known for the most anticipated festival for people who have an absolute adoration for sweets. The chocolate festival or fests di ciocolato is the ultimate destination once it hits the town of Perugia about 5 hours drive from Naples. We were hoping to actually taste some free samples of the different chocolates on the table. But alas there were too much people to even go near the stalls. It was like going to a midnight madness sale and yours truly was not fully equipped to handle such crowds. Yes there were a lot of tempting treats which were giveaways but the line was so long it was like waiting to put 6 numbers on a lotto paper.

Basically when you have this kind of a situation the only thing to do is get out of the crowd and find a place or a view to appreciate. It was the best time to tinker with a brand new Nikon or Canon camera which I didn’t have at the moment but luckily a friend loaned one so I can nail that final decision to purchase it for myself for the next year. The town was surprisingly quiet away from all the festivities but aside from the entire chocolate madness one can think of about Perugia it also brings to mind the most
celebrated crime and acquittal ever to set foot on the place.

The trial of Amanda Knoxx which was a real sensation when it occurred last four years ago has placed the area of Perugia on the spotlight. Knoxx who was acquitted for murdering her flat mate Meredith Kirscher Is now back in Seattle after being thrusted into some sort of trial by publicity. Meredith Kirscher was an exchange student from London and was found dead with his throat slashed by a knife on the room of an apartment both she and Knoxx occupied. An alleged accomplice Rafael Solecito Knoxx’s boyfriend was also convicted.

For four years they both languished in an Italian prison while they appealed their case for further investigation. The blind woman of justice must have heard their appeal and in one dark October evening they were released to freedom. Aside from all the news about the murder I also saw the film depiction. Setting foot in Perugia you can’t help but wonder where the actual crime happened and was Knoxx really innocent. A bite from a Perugian chocolate might help stave off the excitement about the whole thing but the problem was the crowd taking away that opportunity.

Just look at the bright side and chalk it up for another adventure for this dude who just can’t get enough of being in Europe where all the adjacent countries are just a bus or a train ride away. As I collect picture after picture and post it to the Zuckerberg site I can’t help but feel grateful for all the blessings that the One above has truly bestowed upon me. The adventure continues and by the month of December the biggest travel of all travels will happen and it would surely be wonderful to get reunited with friends and love ones. The Manila boy will be back to his roots and finally look back at everything he has achieved.