The ‘Swindler’s’ List

ListIf the allegations against these senators and congressmen are true about them cheating us with our tax money by diverting a good part of their pork barrel to their personal bank accounts, then calling the Napoles list a ‘Swindler’s list will be an understatement, by measure of rectitude and morality.

In fact, calling them swindlers will a do great dishonor to the word. And why is it so?

Remember that the first batch of plunder case which implicated only 8 lawmakers already amounted to 10 BILLION PESOS. The rest of the 30 others accused are either staff, public officials or private individuals.

Now, Ping Lacson is saying, assuming he is correct this time, that there are actually 21 senators and 90 congressmen and public officials included in the Napoles list. Doing the simplest math would probably give you three, four times of the amount we initially thought of. Worse, maybe even more.

Skimming billions of pesos from poor people who worked as burdensomely as they could to survive a three-meal-a-day can be hardly called swindling. That’s PILFERAGE, of satanic proportion!

And look what these so called senators are doing now?

They are scrambling to hide for cover, or look for excuses, because the sh*t is now going to hit the fan and they know, and they know this ever since, that they will be hit first by the feces from their own digestion they so arrogantly passed off as public service.

We were deceived by some senators feigning righteousness, lambasting and cursing their corrupt colleagues to high heavens, only to find out that they, themselves, have been bribed with skeletons from Napoles to hide in their closets. And I’m not even just talking about Tanda, Sexy or Pogi.

I’m talking about the so-called ‘noisy ones’, the so-called crusaders, the so-called ‘clean’, the so-called ‘senators’ of the republic. The so-called fraud.

If Napoles will prove to be the Greek goddess Eris, and her list to be the apple of discord thrown at a banquet of the high and mighty, so be it. Let’s just hope the banquet did not extend up to the footsteps of Mount Olympus where the powers that be, rests.

Let the Napoles list sow chaos, confusion, and even if by a long shot, shame, among these gods and goddesses in Congress. Let it unmask the crooks behind their faked decency. Let it separate the honest from the thieves.

And they’re worried about the possible collapse of the institution? What’s there to destroy anyway?

It has already been destroyed from the time they started buying votes just to get elected. The pride of the institution has already been compromised from the moment we started allowing actors and comedians to parade and clowning in its august halls. The honor of the Senate has already been tainted beyond repair since political dynasty and patronage took over from competence and sincere public service.

I’m not waxing poetics here, for no amount of rhetorics will move these people to become real statesman, least of all, public servants. Their sense of being one differs from ours. Heck, they even differ from each other.

The Napoles list is something everyone dreaded about because of the truth it may reveal. On second thought, it may prove to be the one we finally needed to expose the real crooks masquerading as legislators.

So let the sh*t hit the fan, and let us see who gets the most dung!

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