The Superiority of Ideas

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Facebook is a platform open to all; nincompoops and geniuses alike. It is open for lies and truths, scams and noble acts. It is for love and hate, damnation and salvation. It is for the mighty and the oppressed, the reasonable and the dick heads. It is for the famous and the unknown.

Ideas come in all sizes and forms. Sometimes, the most truthful and the most noble comes from the littlest voice that the traditional media will never give access to. To the traditional media, personalities come before the idea. A famous person is worth quoting not necessarily because of what he mouths. It is because he is famous. Facebook and other social media have turned the table upside down.

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Now, the ideas must be heard before any credibility is rendered. A person’s stature matter not to what he espouses. The unknown name and face become but a footnote to what is posted. Suddenly, the famous and the unknown, are standing on the same stage with only the reasonableness or the folly of their posts that must matter. Equality in the market of ideas is achieved. The poor unknown poster from the boondocks has the same access as the rich famous politician from the seat of power. Only their ideas will define who must be believed.

Those who claim that Facebook and other social media have shaped the political landscape through deceit and lies, are those who traditionally shaped the political thinking of the people via the monopoly of information. Social media have open the flood gates and the people now have the freedom of discernment as to who they should believe. Traditional media no longer control the trickle of information which they have used to sway opinions and attitudes and even dictate election results. Does the headline “Dewey defeats Truman” ring a bell? Or ” Hillary will win”?

With all the purported and peddled evil that social media entail, there is the equality and openness that they bring. To one who subscribes to the superiority of ideas above everything else, such open access is priceless. Only those who are scared of losing their once monopoly and superiority in the handling of information are crying wolf. As always and in nature’s law, the fittest survives. The weak, the spoiled protected brats will go the way nature dictates: extinction. And ultimately, humanity will greatly benefit.

Before man are his ideas. Before Plato was The Republic. Before Descartes was The Meditations. Before Da Vinci was The Notebook. Before Rizal was Noli Me Tangere.

The superiority of ideas has no substitute nor equal. The pursuit of perfection and divinity begins with the mind: Unhinged. Untethered. Unrestricted. Open. Loose. Free.

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To regulate the wind and the waves is not only absurd. It is impossible.

Let ideas be!

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