The summer that never came to be but went well just the same

The whole summer I got a chance to just stretch my legs and watch over an old man who sleeps most of the morning. No frills no excitement for the month of August it was just work, work and lots of work. But my wife and I had the chance to slip out of Naples and be in another city for two days. The place was called Ancona and it was so serene and tranquil that one day I just blurted out I want to transfer there. Compared to Central Naples it was just what the ideal place would be. People were nice there was no trash on the side walk and everything was peaceful.
Maybe it would take place a couple of years from now or maybe the next year who knows. My wife and I just wanted a major atmosphere change from what we were accustomed to at Napoli. I haven’t been blogging because of work and my online gig but everything is going well. I enjoy what I’m doing and the best part is I get to work in a foreign country where there is much to learn. The adventure never stops although it took me 7 years to get adjusted here in Italy it was worth it. Which makes me realize the only recipe for success is hard work and I mean at everything.
Glad I had a change of attitude because in the past I was just a lazy individual who always complained and sometimes grumbled at my situation. When I was at Quorum Lanier I jumped at every opportunity not to go to work. When there was a downtime I didn’t maximize the time to put it to good use. Although I enjoyed the experience it brought I could have done more and actually have fun as the minutes and hours pass. No regrets though because I believe everything has a purpose. Life should be enjoyed one day at a time and when the time comes you look back at everything it would put a bigger smile on your face.
My bout with a serious illness plays a large part to the positive change of attitude I have now. You can have all the material trappings in the world but when the time comes you won’t be able to take it with you in your grave. Everything existing on earth should be there to experience and learn something from it even material things. It should never be something that should be the center of our attention. When you have everything be grateful when you have nothing count your blessings because you still have a lot to be thankful for.
I may be somewhere in a sentimental mood but believe me I’m just imparting something that can be valuable for your stint here on earth. I look at the old man lying beside me all 100 years old of him I think of everything he has gone through and I look at his eyes and see the spirit of contentment. He actually did what Ive said long before.