The Stolen Sea

Photo by: BusinessMirror (No Copyrights Infringement Intended)

South China Sea or West Philippine Sea had already been in conflict by China and the Philippines for the past years arguing for territorial dispute. For all those conferences, meetings, and peace talks, there is still no justice until now.

We’ve seen some headlines that our Filipino fishermen’s catch were taken by Chinese coast guards in exchange of noodles and other Chinese products – but sometimes, nothing. It is such a disgrace for us Filipinos not just stealing our territory but also exchanging our fellow countrymen efforts with some sort of hogwash. Other than that, our coral reefs. Being abused and destroyed by dumping stones and cement to build airstrips and other military-related infrastructures to expand their territory. Aren’t they contended on how big their country is? Geographically speaking, China is massively 32 times larger than the Philippines in terms of area.


But those were just a part of long lists on how China underrated us Filipinos and our very own seas. How can we stop this unpredictable end of disputation? Who should we blame and have responsibility for this?

Like a militia war, the conflict has no cure unless being stopped by formal talks. Yes, an actual conversation between the executives of each country. Let’s take a look first to the “2018 North Korea–United States Summit”. It’s already been a world history now as North Korea is not that amiable to United States for the past decades. Back to the disputation issue, aren’t the leaders of the Philippines and China already associates? Therefore, the answer will always be in the hands of our President.

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