The Significant Dreamer


Success-vs-Significance“When man begins to dream, the impossible becomes possible!” The speaker said that makes the audience roar, a roar that broke the silence of the coliseum. I was in awe when I hear it. Astonished by how the speaker believes that we are made for some great things. I am one of the 15,000 students who came here to broaden my knowledge and skills. I grab the opportunity to know how they reach their dreams but there’s something that keeps bugging me. My mind keeps on telling me that there is something more here that I will discover, later.

“Once there was a farmer” the speaker said, “on his way home he have a bag filled with seeds he’s so excited to try and plant the seed since it’s new to him while walking he didn’t notice that there’s a small hole at the bag of the seed because of it few seeds dropped on the path and were eaten by birds, still walking on his way he saw a rocky place, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow but when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root, still walking the farmer crossed a thorny place being careful not to be touch by thorns some seeds fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants, so they did not bear grain. Finally, He saw a good soil and throws a few seeds into it. It came up, grew and produced a crop.”

Confused yet excited on what it means and the connection of it into my dreams, the speaker smile. He continues to speak “The seeds in the story are us, the dreamer. The places where the seeds fell are the atmosphere we need to identify which of those are the best place we should be in.”

Seeds fell on the path. The dreamer believes that he can reach his dreams but didn’t understand that he needs to act to fulfill it. Since he keeps on just dreaming the birds came and eat his dreams I remember Tony Gaskins once said “Build your dreams before others hire you to build theirs.”

Seeds fell on the rocky places. This dreamer started planning his dream, gathered every detail but when others get to know his dream and laughed at him he started believing that he’s not worth it and it doesn’t worth a try. Being discouraged, he stop pursuing. Just like the seed that started to grow but when the sun came up, it withered because it had no root. The dreamer does not have faith in himself that he can reach his dreams, he withered.

Seeds fell among the thorns. Encouraged and inspired, he pursue his dream without being affected about what other people will say he keep his eye on his dream until the day the seed grew he also reached his dream but the seed choked out because of the thorns the dreamer also choked out because he became selfish, successful but not happy.

Seeds fell on good soil. The dreamer planned, acted and succeeds but he didn’t stop. He keeps on dreaming but this time his dream is not for him but for the others.. The dreamer become successful but He wants to be significant, he help others reach their dreams too, by encouraging them, supporting them and teaching them how to do, what to do and why they should do it too. The seeds grew, produced a crop then multiply as well as the dreamer grew and he also make others grow.

There’s no wrong in pursuing our dreams. There’s no wrong in keeping our eye into it but after success, after reaching our goal, after getting what we want, what’s next? Well, It’s now the time to help others reach their dreams too. Maybe that’s our purpose as the old saying goes “No man is an island” means we are created as the best and suitable helper to our fellowmen. Successful is different from being significant. Success is when you add value to yourself while being significant is when you add value to others. The questions are, are we in a good soil? Are our dreams making other dreams come true? Are we significant? Many struggles will come our way that can mold us into something better or something worst, maybe rocky or thorny it depends on how we will accept it and response into it but we must know that we are planted in a good soil and we are created to be more than average, we created to excel and make others excellent. We are created differently and that’s why we are perfectly fit in each other because our main purpose is to bring out the best in everyone.

I know God didn’t create us to be an average He wants us to show off every talents we have, every knowledge we know not to make us popular but to add value to others by being helping, encouraging, and supporting that is why we have two hands, the one is use to help ourselves and the other hand is use to help others.

“Who is the farmer then? “One student asked that pulled me out of my reverie. Then I stand up and go out of the venue, there’s something I want to do I want to be a pitcher – I want to pour all I am to the glass. The role of the pitcher is to pour all the water to the glass and that’s supposed to be my role to pour my heart and soul to help others. I want to be a significant dreamer.  I looked into the sky and said “I know it’s you.”

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