The Shock and Awe of an Early Peak


Rodrigo Duterte whose numbers shot up in the polls, like the proverbial tree hunched with overbearing fruits, had been the slingshot target of his opponents in the presidential race.

Duterte is not anymore a sideshow joke. He is an oxymoron. It seemed his cursing, his uncouth manner, his quirk of a lascivious display of his tongue, and his hyperbolic utterances clicked well with people: Huh! Stopping crime and corruption within six months…?

Mind you, if we believed those pseudo-analysts claiming it even captured the sensibilities of those in the ABC class, that’s too much stretch of one’s imagination. For sure these people if they are with Duterte while the latter is in his best element of indecency would squirm or cringe in embarrassment. How on earth would one want a head of state like him? But, as unexplainable as it is, it can be likened to a courtship where the bad boy always wins the girl’s heart.


Digong Duterte’s peaking on the polls less than a month before the election, actually, is a blessing in disguise for the Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo of the “Daang Matuwid” team. For one, it enhances the kicking in of the principle of the law of diminishing returns. Duterte is on top now, no doubt, there’s no other way for him, but down. Look at Binay. He was at number one before. Where is he now? And so is Grace Poe.

Two. As with the proverbial tree with the overflowed fruits, it follows that these fruits would rot early. Therefore, would fall on the ground early.

Third. It ratcheted up the dynamic of the campaign where each player would be forced to use early their best kept “Shock and Awe” ammunitions of the Desert Storm for their slingshot. And, as it would play out when the dust settles, in the final reckoning, people would realize that the country would be better off with “Daang Matuwid”.

The poll’s supremacy is held erstwhile by Grace Poe. Now, she slides down to number two. Worried, she changed tactic. A copycat, she delved on crime and took advantage of the news reports on the body of a woman found inside the drum floating on the Pasig River. As usual, she offered her motherhood statement that people will feel secure in her first month in the office to counter Duterte’s stomping of crime and corruption for six months.

Binay and Duterte were cozy in the second presidential debate. They even exchanged accolades. Now, what they exchanged on are vile and venom of each other. It would be good for Mar Roxas to just watch. Let them trade their “Shock and Awe” ammunitions.

For Binay its Duterte’s “killing spree,” and his death squad. For Duterte, it’s the Binay’s mafia family of corruption. Duterte revealed for the first time that Binay funded Duterte’s disqualification case with the COMELEC. In exchange, Binay drops off hints of Duterte’s secret illness.

Once, in the campaign trail Duterte collapsed purportedly because of a migraine. Who knows? Words spread a long time ago when Duterte was not even sure of running that he has the big “C”. Jokingly or not, he acknowledged this in one of his double talks. However, it gained traction when Philip Lustre, one of the prolific Facebook’s poster, broke it out on Facebook. Now, Binay, of course, has obtained the damaging fact about Duterte’s big “C”. Soon, he will detonate it.

In the wake of Duterte’s trajectory, it wakes up the sleeping giant within the “Daang Matuwid” camp. Although Mar Roxas’ political machinery had been humming on the sideline for quite a while without that much fanfare, now it necessitated that they have to come out in the open as a show of force. It is a good move for Mar Roxas to check loyalties of his allies, embark intensively on the decency battle standing on its merits, and marshal his forces from Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Mayors, Vice Mayors, Councilors down to the Barangay Tanods. This would translate to victory better than surveys.

It’s the fault of the noisy, rowdy, and unruly conduct of Duterte’s followers why it peaked so early in the game. It generated so much attention. It triggered the herd mentality of the Filipinos. At the end of the day, Duterte’s trajectory would run kaput. And Mar Roxas’ decency of the “Daang Matuwid” ruled.

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