The Sensualization of a Child on Philippine TV

Is it just me or is this new “selling point” of ABS-CBN’s Ang Probinsyano really disturbing?

My eight-year old son and I watch this teleserye together almost every night; sometimes at my own prodding.  I thought the character of Cardo heightens the respect that the Filipino children have for our law enforcers and the police force.  The little boy Onyok is the most endearing boy on television, hands down.  Filipino moral values were highlighted in almost each of their storylines that I encourage my son to watch this show; which makes this new premise even more disappointing to me as a parent.

I am referring to the boy Mak-mak portrayed as a homosexual kid having sensual fantasies with Cardo.  Yes, do not fool around with me: it is what it is – they are sexualizing the kid.

Foremost, I want to commend the young actor portraying this role.  He is a good and a rather convincing child actor with facial expressions that are to the point.  His sudden switch to his gay persona, without doubt, elicits shrills of laughter in many homes. Not in mine.  Seeing an adult like Roderick Paulate in such a role is hilarious.  Seeing it on a young child is disquieting.  I find it to be very disturbing.

Any child, whether it is a boy or a girl, should never be sexualized in any way; but most especially not in a general patronage show that has children in major supporting roles.  This is plain exploitation! I am aghast to see him smack wet his lips with thoughts of Cardo, fantasizing that they share some flying kisses together, and him kissing Cardo’s photos.  I do not understand why the writers and the director thought it necessary to make this the highlight of their program.  I do not see why my son must now think it funny that a boy like should wish to be sensually kissed – by an adult male!  Could not the boy be simply a son needing a good father figure and find it in Cardo?  Couldn’t the premise be that the boy feels like a failure for falling short of his father’s expectations, and thus looks for a good father image – rather than him being a child romantically desiring for a grown man?  Seriously!

I have seen meme’s of this young character which brings to mind the kind of bullying he may be generating.  No, please, let it be known that it is not alright to make fun of children who need good role models in their lives! It is not alright to make fun of children who are confused with who or what they are!  Let us therefore not make them our evening laughingstock.  Media should at least be considerate of that.

Innocence is so fragile.  We must do our best to protect this magical period in their lives called childhood.   This is not merely about having a child play a homosexual role; which I am sure would be some people’s only gleaning from this post.  More importantly, it is about the right of our children to remain as pure and as innocent as long as they can.  It is our responsibility as adults to be mindful of them, and to not unnecessarily pollute their minds with sensuality, which may have never even crossed their young minds yet.

I do hope that such unnecessary plots and premises be beyond the wondrous minds of the brainstormers and writers of ABS-CBN in the future.  I am sure that with the kind of talent they have, they can come up with better ideas without compromising the values of the Filipino and the fragile innocence of childhood.

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  1. I think so too. Mak-mak’s predicament is no laughing matter. The people behind the show better state their point now with regards to Mak-mak’s inclusion in the show, lest people think he there just for comic relief.

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