The Scene Around: Gabi Ng Pagpupugay

06/13/14 01:32:20 PM

The Independence Day was the very important holiday for the citizens of Republic of the Philippines. It was indeed the date which showcased one of the most pivotal events in the history of this country–our independence of the three-century colonization of then-European imperialist Spain.

It was every June 12th of the year when several events were held in observance of our Independence day, such as job fairs, the annual rituals of giving tributes and respect to RP’s official signs, and even advocacy-driven rallies and concerts.

Though most of them were on the political and artistic themes, no one seemed to put a hand on sports. It’s like everyone forgotten something–that is to pay tribute to the people who made recognition through the means of playing the physical (and mental) activities in life called “sports.”

This is what the objective of a veteran sports-beat journalist and former commissioner of the now-defunct Philippine Basketball League (PBL) Chino Trinidad when he waged a sporting tribute event called “Pagpupugay”at the Newport Performing Arts Theater located inside the Newport Mall of Resorts World Manila on Thursday evening, which by the way was also the Independence Day (June 12).

Prior to the main event, the organizer himself put up a Memorabilia Exhibit on the Newport Mall’s Ground Floor, which runs from June 1 to 15. Yours truly have seen some of the most precious things which these athletes brought to the country alongside their highest pride, from medals to uniforms to even the ball they used during the 1954 World Basketball Championships in Brazil (and don’t be confused though, ‘coz for your information: soccer was the ball used during the early decades of basketball).

Aside from the literally memorabilia, some of the artworks were part of the exhibit such as paintings from Anthony Galvez, Jun Aquino, and the gigantic King Caloy sculpture by Reynald Bon Mujeres.

Click here to continue reading. Also, exclusive photographs during the evening were posted in the article.

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