The Road to Alligator Lake: La Resio

Laguna Lake- the largest lake in the Philippines and considered to be the third largest inland body of water in Southeast Asia.

Lake Bunot, Lake Calibato, the twin lakes of Yambo and Pandin, Lake Palakpakin, Lake Muhikap and Lake Sampaloc: The seven lakes which are popular tourist spots in the city of San Pablo.

Laguna Lake and 7 lakes of San Pablo are the well-known lakes in the province of Laguna. But have you heard of Alligator Lake?

Brgy. Tadlac is famous for its Alligator Lake,the crater lake is one of the maars of the Laguna Volcanic Field. It is listed as one of the inactive volcanos in the Philippines by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS)” – “Inactive volcanoes of the Philippines”. Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology. Retrieved on 2013-12-31 as cited by Wikipedia. The lake is directly situated below the northeastern slope of Mount Makiling and because of its origin, the lake has no outlet and is replenished only by rainfall.The lake is separated from the Laguna Lake just by a 50-meter wide land (Satoyama initiative).

Tadlac Lake
The Alligator Lake (Tadlac Lake): Photo grabbed from La Resio Facebook page on July 12, 2015

Most of the lands surrounding the Alligator lake (aka Tadlac Nature Park) are private lands so only few have the opportunity to see the lake personally.  So if you have the chance…the Road to Alligator Lake is… La Resio! La Resio as they said is the rubbing elbows with Alligator Lake.

If you do not know these two places, maybe it is the right time to discover this secret get-away in Brgy. Tadlac, Los Baños, Laguna. If you are a nature lover, an adventure seeker, sports lover or just a person who wants to escape the busy city, Camp La Resio is the perfect place for you.

Last May 2015, I wrote a blog about this resort (their public resort) which at that time was under renovation (until now) and after two months, my family and I decided to return and stayed in La Resio 3 (the exclusive part of their resort). It was really a fun-filled experience.

As their tagline says: At La Resio, we have a lot in store for you…and this is really true

Are you excited to see my adventure?

Let this blog challenge you to come and visit Camp La Resio…

Promise you will definitely love this place! If you want to see Alligator Lake and feel its enchantment..

Here are the few things which you can consider in choosing this place for your next get-away:

  1. All-in-one (From public to private… small group to big group)

La Resio offers various accommodations that would suit your needs and that would depend on the number of pax and budget that you have.

  1. La Resio 1 (Public): As shown in my previous blog (Laguna Residential Resort: A place for summer get-away can be found on, it is their area open to public. It has a bluish semi-olympic size pool with a depth ranging from 4ft to 5ft. What I love in this area are their widescreen outdoor theater, the basketball rings in both sides of the pool, the two (2) 10 ft slides and the Cabanas which are all unique in La Resio. La Resio 1 entrance fee is P100 only! I think you will enjoy this place since it is not crowded unlike the other Public pools in Calamba, Laguna.
La Resio 1


Semi-olympic size pool



Cabanas type
Cabanas: Photo grabbed from La Resio FB account on July 12, 2015



Public Kiddie Pool



2. La Resio 2 (Business Class): This is best for corporate use. They have 10 deluxe rooms, 5 economy rooms, and            two (2) conference rooms. The two swimming pools which are all hotspring are best for relaxation and bonding.

La Resio 2


La Resio 2
The Makiling view in La Resio 2: Photo grabbed from La Resio FB account on July 12, 2015



3. La Resio 3 (Hillside): This is the area where we stayed last July 2015 and I would definitely recommend this place for family bonding or even for small group activities. This is the most exclusive part of the resort since it is designed for private accommodation. It has complete amenities such as the widescreen projector, videoke, charcoal griller, gas stove and refrigerator.

La Resio 3 during daytime



La Resio 3 during nightime


Amenities in La Resio 3

Room 3: Photo grabbed from La Resio Facebook Page on July 12, 2015
Now showing “Beyond the Lights”: Outdoor theater beside the pool



Videoke time: My brother in law showing his talents


Adult pool and the Pavilion


The Videoke, water dispenser, tables and chairs plus my brother in law and niece




In La Resio 3:

i. You can see the view of the majestic mount Makiling in the right side,

Mount Makiling and Public kiddie View


The Majestic Mount Makiling



ii.You can see the Alligator Lake in the left side. Its blue water will definitely attract you to come and to feel her enchantment.

Alligator Lake and the Sunrise



iii. You can see the whole view of Camp La Resio.

View from the veranda



La Resio 3 Kiddie Pool



4. La Resio 4 (Annex): Their accommodation is located at the backside of the resort. It has a view deck that would show the full features of Alligator Lake.

Alligator Lake and the sunrise


5. La Resio 5 (Lakeside): Two hotspring swimming pools located at the backside of the resort plus accommodations. You would love this place since the full view of Alligator lake and the U-shape of the mountain can be clearly seen in this side. The U-shaped mountain was the result of quarrying way back years ago. The management told us that this land will be developed as camp site and area for bird watching.

The U-shaped Mountain and the flock of bird


My nieces having their sunbathing


The infinity looking swimming pools


6. La Resio 6 (Tavern): Music lover? Needs refreshment or just want to eat? This is suitable for you. They offer world class dishes! The Tavern can also be rented for events,party and the likes. What you can see here are Disco set-up, DJ booth, lights and sounds and indoor widescreen projector.


Tavern: Photo grabbed from La Resio Facebook Page on July 12, 2015


My sister and brother in law waiting for something


7. La Resio 7 (Spa): After a tiring day, you can try their massage services and foot spa, skin polishing, and green body treatment. They offer various choices, like Sweddish Massage, Hot stone massage, Rice powder and honey body scrub.

Massage: Photo from La Resio website


  1. Unlimited thrills for all ages:Outdoor Activities

The Alligator Lake experience we had last July was a blast! Thanks to the Multi-Stakeholders’ Efforts for the Sustainable Management of Tadlac Lake. The lake is clean and pleasing to the  eyes. Fishes can be seen near the shore!

FYI: The lake had acquired its name since the Spanish colonial period when it was known as Laguna de los Caimanes (Lake of Alligators or Alligator Lake). The great number of crocodilians that used to live in its waters gave the lake its name.Today, alligators or crocodiles have been extirpated in and around Alligator Lake and Laguna de Bay. (Source:


My father catching a fish


The cute little fish
My father pulling the fish


Aside from fishing, La Resio offers extreme outdoor activities such as wall climbing, rappelling, zipline ride, kayaking at the beautiful Tadlac Nature Park, and diving into the lake. At this moment, there is on-going construction of slide, rafting and obstacle course (monkey bars etc.). I’m sure that after all of these are constructed, these would again be wow factors for La Resio.

Monkey bars
My sister who wants to try the Diving board but opted not to dive



Wall climbing



Kayaking: Photo grabbed from La Resio Facebook Page



I and the great wall


wall climbing
La Resio 4 View, Alligator Lakee and the wall: Photo grabbed from La Resio Facebook page
On going construction of slide and the swimming pool in the lake


Honestly, when you are in La Resio, mixed emotions may come in. I don’t know maybe it’s because of the serene environment, plus the feeling that you are in different places like Baguio, Tagaytay, Lake Pandin, Caliraya Recreation Center and Padis Point at the same time! But nevertheless, La Resio is unique. If you want to try something new, try La Resio.

The cool thing about this resort is its environment, it is a place for relaxation. Nature + Sports + Modern Facilities + Hotspring Pools= SATISFACTION. This is what I felt during my stay in the resort.


It has what you need…

a.Large Parking Space


b.Accommodating Staff

c.View Deck (For the people who wants to see tranquility of the area)

My sister in the View Deck pointing her finger on Mount Makiling


d. Wifi connection (For those who love Social Networking, who will need to work or study)



e. Guard (It is important to have guards for your safety, their guard is very polite!)

f. a working website and contact number (Contact them and they will easily respond)


g. Accessible (Only a 2 hrs drive from the heart of Manila)

h. positive reviews (Got most 5 star reviews in their Facebook account)

5 star

i. Modern Facilities plus various amenities  perfect for FAMILY BONDING, TEAM BUILDING, CORPORATE and more.



j. Cost that is affordable (I think it is negotiable) and worth it! You pay what you’ll get

La Resio 1 room accommodation ranges from 1,500 to 2,500  (4-6 pax per rooms), price depends on the number of hours of stay. Public pool entrance fee is PhP 100.00

La Resio 2 room accommodation ranges from 2,000 to 3,300 (2-6 pax per rooms), price depends on the number of hours of stay (daytour, 12 hours or 22 hours).

La Resio 3 rent ranges from 12,000 to 22,000 (all in), price depends again on the number of hours of stay (daytour, 12 hours or 22 hours).

La Resio 4 rent ranges from 3,000 to 14, 000 (10-12 pax per rooms), price depends again on the number of hours of stay. Videoke rental is PhP 800 for 12 hours and PhP 1,000 for 24 hours and first come first served basis.

La Resio 5 rent ranges from 2,500 to 16, 000 (7-8 pax per rooms), price depends on the facilities or amenities that you will avail and the number of hours of stay whether it is daytour, 12 hours or 22 hours. Videoke rental is PhP 800 for 12 hours and PhP 1,000 for 24 hours and first come first served basis.

La Resio 7 

Sweddish massage cost is PhP400/60 minutes.

Rice Powder and honey body scrub is PhP 800/30 minutes.

For more information, log on to their website at or visit their official Facebook account

Final words…

For me,

La Resio is LOVE…

La Resio is NEW…

La Resio is COOL…

La Resio is Pro-Nature

La Resio makes you feel relaxed and worry-free

La Resio is the road to Alligator Lake

La Resio is 100% definitely for Filipinos and tourists..:)



My family (100% satisfied)


Do you want to visit La Resio? Log on to their website at or visit their official Facebook account

These two videos can also show you what La Resio can offer! I just saw these in Youtube. (Happy viewing)

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