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One of Iron Man 3's official movie posters (
12:12:03 AM | 5/7/2013 | Tuesday
One of Iron Man 3's official movie posters (
One of Iron Man 3’s official movie posters (

For the past few weeks, I managed to check out few of the most notable movies so far. First, G.I. Joe Retaliation, second is Oblivion, and for my third checklist – the third installment of the Iron Man series.

Iron Man Three, the third motion picture for the American superhero from Marvel comics, starred Robert Downey Jr. as the main title character, with Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, and Ben Kingley. Produced by Marvel Studio’s Kevin Feige, directed by Shane Black, and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Weird thing though is that I only managed to check this movie’s trailer a few days after seeing this good damn movie.

I think the way they open the movie’s storybook sounds cooler to me – look, from the opening billboard to the background of its following sequence at Bern, Switzerland, they’re playing Eiffel 65’s Blue. And the way they end this thing is thru the typical comic-styled crediting on its CBB.

Plot-wise speaking, I can tell that the Iron Man totally suited me for somebody who’s been craving for a bunch of action-plus-comedy type of movies like me. You’re Tony Stark, a hell brash-but-some-kind-of-brilliant industrialist, created a lot of Iron man suits; you’re up against an enemy who appears to be a real threat to the humanity, turning some of them into an alienated creature disguised as Extremis, plus Mandarin joins them in their acts of terrorizing the world; and things turned out that your enemy is the person whom you’ve turned down with during that New Year’s party in Switzerland… well, got a tough world to battle, eh? Too many conflicts though.

Not for Stark, though. Who can even manage to throw that nerve-racking threat to the Mandarin on air like the way he did, in which the latter responded with bombers crushing his house? Real talk as it is, eh?

Well, did he learn from threatening his godlike enemy? No. He actually investigated his targets with much improvising moves, thanks to that whiz kid named Harley, plus the Mandarin is nothing but an acting terrorist on TV. What the hell?! Plus, Adrian Killian, more known as the real Mandarin, setting Starks’ partner, the Iron Patriot (previously as the War Machine), and the state head in much serious peril? Whoa. Robert Downey managed to pull that goddamn trick on acting though.I was kinda impressed.

Nah, I won’t do the spoiling act though.

I cannot compare this thing to the previous versions of Iron Man. All I know is that this movie has quite a sense of humor despite having much-intense (though there are times where it seems shortened or haven’t got much needed exposure) action plot. And for all the action movies for this year, Iron Man Three is definitely a must-watch.

I spent almost 300 bucks in watching this damn fantastic piece and ended up in almost total satisfaction. Worth it, so here is my final take. The verdict: 9.25 stars out of 10.

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