The Review: Bob Ong’s ABNKKBSNPLAko?! The Movie

03/14/2014 12:32:47 AM

I can only express my insights on the movie adaptation of that Bob Ong book in two words: as both ‘entertaining’ and a ‘disappointment.’

Yes, it is entertaining because of some antics and factors which appear to be natural in our daily lives.

And, (oh no) disappointing because on a slighter-than-above-superficial level, the movie focused on the romance more than the school-ish aspect itself.

Why did I say so? If you’ve read the entire book, you’ll realize my primary reason: it became one of the numerous book-to-movie-adaptation failures in recent history.

Well, obviously, that’s  a marketing strategy – on why should you put ladies like Andi Eigenmann and Meg Imperial in the cast; same with Jericho Rosales and Vandolph Quizon. And count the love-team factor involving Roberto and his unnamed ‘Special Someone’ right there (and seriously, it’s quite tricky that Andi’s character was still unnamed, eh?).

I first saw its trailer on one of the VIVA-produced channels, and apparently, their Top 10 trailer seemed enough to persuade me. The problem though is the several factors on the project itself.

As much as I like the numerous flashback devices used in the film, I thought the execution could have been a bit better, though. But don’t you just love the idea of recalling these nostalgic materials either? I loved that part, ‘coz it simply reminds me of my old days as a student. Those FLAMES, SOS, spirit of the pen… nah, which mattered actually.
However, I still don’t think a ‘love team’ factor should really be compulsory to this one. Bob Ong has been selling most of his books without making any such implications on it. In fact, he only relied on three things: his personal experience, society events (I can’t tell the current word since everything bound in the books was already ‘past’), and comical antics. In addition, the latter two were even enough to earn him six-digit-numbered published copies.
Because it was during our ‘high school stage’ where we first experience romance and heartbreak? (Hey, count me out, by the way; since I only experienced things like that when I was about to enter college anyway)
Well, maybe, but come on…
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