The red string of fate

red stringI have learned about the red string of fate since college, about two people fated to love each other no matter how far removed they are from their present realities.

You know what they say about it? You follow wherever it leads you, and when you see the person, your heart will dictate that she’s the one.

When I was in college, I decided to follow wherever my string would lead me, only to see my spinster teacher on the other end of it, standing there blushing. Aghast, or acting with something akin to panic, I cut the string panting, and said pointing a finger at her: “Don’t. Follow. Me.”

I haven’t believed in destiny since then. And in the off chance I’m convinced I’m predestined to see my significant other end, she’s rather a stalker. Since then, I have believed that life is totally at my mercy, and, instead of being preset to somebody waiting at the opposite end of a string, my red string of fate is free for someone, who would find it in her heart to tie it.

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I do things like roll around the house singing in front of a moving electric fan, play with the hair curler and flush the toilet bowl over and over. The cutest thing about toilet bowls is that they burp.