I was seated next to the bus window on my way home from work one day, eyes staring blankly at the horizon while the bus was on a complete but temporary halt to give way for the opposite traffic to move along on a one-way section of the road.

And then I realized something. So I immediately drew out my phone and took a shot of what I was staring at, a wonted, mostly disregarded but meaningful natural phenomenon:


As the sun gradually hides itself behind the mountains that slowly become mere silhouette of combined landmass, I was reminded that even the most powerful takes refuge.

As darkness envelopes the skies inch by inch, consuming the radiance reflected on the clouds, I was reminded that even the brightest ceases to shine.

And as the cool breeze of the monsoon winds redresses the scorching heat, I was reminded that even the strongest rests.

Without realizing it, we may have become consumed by our ambitions that we work without ceasing lest we fall short of our target. We may have become enslaved by our goals that we are so focused on achieving it but in the process fail to see the other essential things in life that may be as equally important.

Without realizing it, we may have become consumed by the business of survival that we work without ceasing, trying hard to make ends meet. We may have become enslaved with providing the needs of others that we may have neglected our very own.

As the sun sets on the horizon, one is reminded that another day has ended and that the day’s toil has to be concluded. It reminds us to take rest and recharge to replenish the energy lost. It reminds us to listen to one’s self and attend to one’s personal needs to be able to wake up to a tomorrow invigorated and ready to face the challenges of a new day.

Like the vast expanse of irrigated but empty paddies, the soil takes a breather from the draining process of feeding its nutrients to the hungry rice stalks if only to recover the lost strength and gain even more to sustain with the demands of the next planting season.

As the sun hides itself behind the mountains, one is reminded that no matter how powerful we may have become and how strong we think our grip is with success, we are still vulnerable to the uncertainties of life and may at some point need to take refuge in someone else’s care and protection when things go down on us.

And as darkness envelopes the skies, it reminds us that when things go out of hand and when the troubles of life seem insurmountable, we can lay down the yoke of burden and surrender all our worries and fears of the day, to the ONE source of true light, the source of our strength, the ALMIGHTY who declares HIS plans to prosper us and not to harm us and who promises not to fail or forsake us.

While dusk marks the end of a day, it also signals that another one is forthcoming. And if the day that ended has been heavily laden, with the grace of the ALMIGHTY, we shall wake up to a new tomorrow  with renewed hope and rejuvenated physical strength.

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a typical Arian born in the Year of the Sheep, considers himself lucky in friendship and regards friends as gifts, and enjoys a good laugh.