The Prince and The Outcast

Vampire hugging a girl (Photo credit: shinobinaku)
Vampire hugging a girl (Photo credit: shinobinaku)
Vampire hugging a girl (Photo credit: shinobinaku)
Vampire hugging a girl (Photo credit: shinobinaku)

There was something about him that was so magnetic. He has eyes like fire. His skin was smooth and cold. He has this fiery character that I was drawn to. I want to melt in his arms and burn in his kisses.

We are different from all aspects, that’s why I find him interesting and intriguing. He is mysterious, and he doesn’t really tell me about his past. He told me that his love for me is everlasting and limitless. It will live forever even after death.

I am an outcast looking for someone who will never leave me. I like someone who would accept me for who I am. No conditions whatsoever. I will submit to him and give in to his whims and desire. I want to feel an overwhelming power and euphoria that no mere mortals could ever achieve. I want to feel a different kind of love. I want to be needed and desired. I want to be taken to another world free from the burden of this cruel world. I want to be someone who other people can look up to and I want to instill fear among them.

There he is. The prince that I imagined him to be. He will awaken my deep senses and take me to another level. He will long for me like a hungry wolf. He will savor every fiber of my being. He will envelope me in his arms and never let me go, until I am able to satisfy his appetite.

He will transform me to another being. More than anything I can ever imagine. We will walk in the depths of darkness. I found love, and I found a world where I truly belong. I found heaven in hell. I found my solace and sanctuary in the arms of a vampire.

author: marieands


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