The Price of Success

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Success is not all bed of roses. It has a downside price, too. If improperly handled, it can intoxicate and clouded a person’s perspective. Sometimes a person tends to forget his/her past and became aloof once the glimpse of success enters his/her head.  Demeanor changed from cheerful, friendly and smiling person to a superior persona.  He/She walk with head held up high to conveying a message of superiority, forgetting the fact that callous hands were once used to hard labor. Time flies fast, financial success scales the shade of shyness and a new self-confidence persona emerged.

Because of financial success, sometimes a person becomes swell-headed, bossy and arrogant. The tongue becomes sharper and harsh words come out from the mouth nonchalantly. ‘Ika nga, “kung magsalita tila walang buto ang dila,” Inadvertently unaware that harsh words are sometimes sharper and more painful than bladed weapon. Shallow wounds inflected by bladed weapon is superficial and heals faster. While the wounds inflected by harsh words is deeper, does not heals easily and recovery is longer because the affected parts of the body are the heart and mind.

Realizing that you have hurt other’s feeling and apologizing afterward is the appropriate thing to do but the damage has been done. The harsh words that had been uttered cannot be taken back. Therefore, restrain yourself from talking or sending messages while you are angry because the result that would come from your mouth or the messages that you would send could be disastrous. Thus, before speaking or sending messages, formulate first the appropriate words in your mind so that hurting other’s people feeling may be avoided.

There are people who could not handle success properly and even become burden of society. In the local and foreign entertainment industry, known child actors have gone astray. In sport, a former world boxing champion became known as the bad boy of Dadiangas. In the business industry however, people who are successful put their acumen into good use and become philanthropists. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Henry Sy and even Manny Pacquiao just to name a few. They created non-profit foundations to help the needy.

In retrospect, always plant your feet firmly on the ground and avoid putting success into your head, otherwise you become swell-headed and forget where you came from.


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