The Philippines Heading To a Total Disaster! Poor Government Leadership is the Biggest Worry Facing Filipinos!

Mamasapano-and-Aquino-1We cannot deny that Philippines is one of the poorest and unstable countries in Southeast Asia, and in the world. Our country is one of the worst in terms of development.

Today the image of this country is battered by CORRUPTION, CRIME, VIOLENCE, POVERTY and LEADERSHIP CRISIS.

Our government has everything to do with the issues we’re facing now. I found it very disturbing because we see them everywhere in the country as a fact of life which causes so much damage in our society because of our own ignorance, bad policy and bad government.

As part of our society, we should always be aware of what’s going on around us. It’s a shame that you can’t even sleep at night in your own home where you are supposed to feel safe without being threatened and robbed. Anytime you go outside, you’re worried about being mugged in a private place during daylight hours.

The president who made promises of HOPE and CHANGE is in fact much worse than his predecessors. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the quality and effectiveness of the government of the Philippines is under serious question.

He gave us change, but he changes everything so bad. He kept his promises, but not the promises we hope for. The hope was false from the beginning. The reality is he’s an incompetent man. He’s not smart enough to realize that he cannot do the job.

It’s just like respect and trust. It takes a lifetime to get, and it takes only one move to lose it. It’s very disappointing. In the eyes of the people, his word means nothing now. I can’t argue with the fact that it’s stupid to make promises you know you cannot deliver.

I feel that Aquino’s presidency up to now has been more of a failure than more of a success. You will notice that most of Aquino’s lack of success results in inaction and not standing up and just letting events drift. Now, we know there’s something wrong with the guy.

The manner of being ignorant surrounding scandals in this administration is such evidence that helps the public realized that he will never delivered the hope and change that they wished for. To be ignorant of one’s own ignorance is to be in an unprogressive, uninspired state of existence.

For this reason, it is likely that Aquino’s performance would be the worst among recent presidents. Poverty, crime, violence, corruption and bad leadership have soared under Aquino, with the number of Filipinos in poverty increasing to the highest level.

The Philippine leadership is characterized by lack of direction, neglect, fraud and insensitivity to the conditions of the people. Ineffective leadership behavior affects the people and organizational performance in our institutions.

Leadership stems from social influence, and not authority or power. If you have followers then you have the capacity to translate vision into reality. A non-existent vision will cause leaders to fail.

If this happens then we know for sure that we will find ourselves in the hands of the crooks, traitors and hypocrites. As a matter of fact, that’s what’s happening now.

A good leader is not defined by one’s ability to deliver good speech. And those with charisma don’t automatically lead. The best leaders lead by example. To do this, you must show them the way by doing it yourself.

A true leader reflects our own light back to us, so that we may see ourselves in a more positive way rather than trying to blind us with his or her brilliance. A real leaders perform, get the job done and they consistently exceed expectations. No results, there’s no leadership. It’s just that simple.

We need these qualities in our leaders: wisdom, goodness and honesty. Without those qualities leaders will make wrong decisions, leaders will make immoral rules, leaders will show favoritism and their leadership will fail. With those requirements satisfactory performance will apply to all three.

BAD LEADERS can’t really be considered leaders at all. The evidence is it exists everywhere and they caused harm to society and should be stopped. Their leadership skills play in people influenced them into destructive thinking and behavior.

These leaders just think more of themselves and don’t provide a vision of life itself. They’re driven by selfishness, so extreme that for this reason, poverty remains a chronic condition for millions of Filipinos.

The incompetent leadership we are witnessing on our TV screens stretches right up from the top to the smallest unit of government. Most of our leaders have shown themselves prepared to ignore common decency, and in most cases, to break the law.

As a result, we have an increasing bad policy, and not an improving government. It has a negative impact in our life and the society in general, in which is visible to everyone. You cannot really accomplish anything, if we keep quiet about them. If we don’t raise our voices no one will do it for us.


If we have a problem, let’s recognize it and work on it. We must fix it and we must do that sooner, not later. I call on every Filipinos to recognize that we are the source of the problem. We must point the finger at ourselves.

We elect our leaders who is well-connected, who is powerful, or charismatic, or wealthy. I think that’s a BAD MENTALITY to have. As a result, we become less responsive to changes in our environment.

You know, we make decisions without even thinking, because of our inability to detect our own ignorance. And for that reason, we’re not capable of making our own decisions. There are many circumstances in which we would be held accountable for something we didn’t do, precisely because we didn’t do it.

Our society has changed so much that immorality is just common everyday practices that we’re encouraged to support. We’re all brought up to believe whatever the culture is reinforcing upon us. We’re all victims of our own culture. This is sad, heartbreaking and hopeless.

It’s our moral responsibility towards the environment that we live in to take action when something is not right.  This sense of moral responsibility is the source of courage for so many inspirational figures in history.

Is INACTION immoral? Yes, to the extent of one’s perception is most certainly immoral, especially when you can do something about it. It’s selfish, because society must work best by being cooperative. Like many of us, we can prevent our government from lying, stealing and cheating, but look at us now we only got ourselves to blame.

We should remember that we are mirrors of our environment. When it comes to politics, we make bad choices. When the time comes, we are quick to point the finger at incompetent and corrupt government leaders.

And here’s the uncomfortable truth, what’s happening is entirely our fault. Let’s all face it, and we need to fix ourselves. We get bad government because we are bad at handling ourselves. The total lack of interest for the common good of the country, will lead us to disaster of one sort or another.

It’s time we stopped pointing fingers at each other and looked at ourselves and the damage we already have done to our own country. The country’s future is at risk by our own ignorance. We need to educate ourselves to become smarter and more intellectual in choosing our leaders.

We cannot change anything until we accept it. Things won’t change until we do something about it. We need to strive, communicate and work together in order to achieve a common purpose. In order to truly work together, a willing cooperation and common effort must be sacrificed.

“The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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