The Peril of Haste


Angry. Desperate. Frustrated. These sentiments are what the people nourished and wish to impart as the reasons why they rooted for Digong Duterte.

Of course, the people’s sentiments are valid.

Who would not piss on the case, for example, of the “Tanim Bala” scam, an extortion racket of the airport personnel? And that random inspection of the Balikbayan Box of the OFWs with the covert intention of pilfering its contents? Furthermore, the aggravation people feel of the inefficiencies of the bureaucrats managing the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)?

Who would not be furious of the monstrous traffic the worker endures four to six hours of each working day? The unreliable MRT, LRT railway system which always conked out, that after its original operation and maintenance contract expired had been replaced with a mediocre company doing sloppy jobs.

Who would not be dismayed of those buy-bust operations or raid that yielded tons of “shabu” as the paper said, but silent about its inventory? Had it been recycled back on the street? Never these “shabu” had been burned for people to see. Why?

Who would not get outraged of the ravaged body of an old woman discovered inside the plastic drum floating on the Pasig River, and found that the perpetrator was the police, who supposed to be the woman’s protector?

People are fed up! Enough is enough.

Then, the election comes. It’s time for the voter to vent their outrage. Enter Digong Duterte.

Auspiciously, Digong Duterte came to the election scene donning an image of one who despise crime and drugs. A toughie who spewed expletives like chewing his chiclet, and who spouted off “I’ll kill you” mantra – to bolster his claim he means business.

The newly minted elite, those OFWs, and their families, the young entrepreneurs, and the Baby Boomer’s offspring that now comprised the ABC class was so enthralled of Digong Duterte’s gutter mouth. Enamored of his thuggish style; his rude, crude, and lewd humor. He is as if the new brand of politicians that don’t mind to appear bad in public. And no matter what, like a horse with blinder on, these newly minted elites believed he was the quick silver bullet solution to crime and corruption.

And these people jumped with ululation when they heard the sweetest words, they longed to hear to a politician. Duterte will stop crime and corruption in six months…! Wow. The peril of haste is looming!

Never mind if Duterte is a sick man with big “C”, a killer, a cuckoo, a flip-flop artist, a misogynist, a womanizer, a coddler and supporter of the NPA, a liar, and a fraud.

These, unravel coming from his own mouth. His latest flip-flop is his refusal to sign a bank waiver for his alleged 211 million bank accounts. He denied, then admitted this account, which he did not include in his 2015 SALN, per Sen. Trillanes.

Earlier in the campaign, Duterte and Cayetano signed a pseudo waiver. Now, Sen. Trillanes challenged him to sign a real one. But he didn’t have the balls to do it. A coward, Trillanes said.

Duterte’s Presidency, if ever, has it with him the whole shebang of ultimate disaster, chaos and turmoil. One of the frightening scenarios would be the likelihood of him declaring a revolutionary government when he didn’t get the kind of cooperation he wants from Congress and if threatened with impeachment. As the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is duty bound to adhere to the tenets of the constitution, of course, would not follow an unlawful order. The friction could escalate to civil war: events that the different rebel groups operating in the country are salivating for.

Mar Roxas said, if he gets elected he would have a clean slate for his cabinet. Now that he is too much aware of the anger, how desperate and frustrated the people are; who almost got hoodwinked by the quick solution the likes of Duterte offered, he would use his talents and expertise to address his predecessor’s shortcomings. And people are watching!

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